Udne Ki Aasha 16th April 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 16th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Shobha crying and saying that Sayali’s life will get ruined now and no one will marry Juhi too.

She says that if today Sayali’s wedding will not take place then she will sacrifice her life which makes Sayali worried.

After that, Paresh assures that Sayali’s wedding will take place today only with his second son Sachin but Shobha says that now she cannot trust him anymore.

Shobha says that they haven’t seen Sachin so how can she give her Sayali to him after which Aaji comes in between and tells Shobha that Sachin is a very good person.

Aaji says that Sachin will never do wrong with Sayali while she murmurs that she never wanted to marry whereas Shobha yells at Paresh and says that Sayali isn’t a doll with whom anyone can play.

After that, Sudhakar interrupts and says that he will marry Sayali which makes Sayali anxious while Paresh and Aaji ask him to go from there and don’t interrupt in between their family matter.

Sudhakar taunts Paresh and holds Sayali’s hand to take her along with him in mandap for a wedding but Paresh and Akash fight with him and try to stop him.

Meanwhile, Sudhakar holds Paresh’s neck after which Sachin comes there and notices that and he beats him in front of everyone.

Sayali is shocked to know that Sachin is Parseh’s son while Sudhakar asks what is his problem that he always comes to defend Sayali which makes Sayali surprised.

Sachin continuously beats Sudhakara after which he tells Sachin that he will again come back while Sachin asks everyone to return to their home as the wedding has been cancelled.

Sayali goes from there after which Shobha goes behind her along with Juhi and Dilip after that they notice that Sayali is crying like a baby.

Shobha feels bad but Sayali asks her to leave her alone for some time while Parseh also comes there and asks for an apology from her.

Paresh insists Sayali marry Sachin and asks her not to cry after which Sayali tells him that she is crying because due to all these things her family is suffering.

Then, Paresh tells her that he can understand her pain and says that if Alok was alive today then he would also have taken the same decision that he has taken.

After that, he asks Shobha to think and decide about Sachin and tell him after which Shobha asks about Sachin from Sayali.

Sayali says that now she won’t repeat this thing and she refuses to marry and says that she has Juhi and Dilip’s responsibility after which she removes all the jewelry but Shobha cries and requests Sayali to marry Sachin.

After that, Shobha tells her that she is afraid of Sudhakar and requests Sayali to marry Sachin and says that he will always take care of her after which Sayali accepts to marry Sachin.

Then, Shobha tells Paresh about it after which he gives blessings to Sayali and asks her to accept this wedding with her whole heart.

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