Udne Ki Aasha 17th April 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 17th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Renu complaining to Shakuntala that Tejas is missing and instead of searching him Paresh is interested in Sachin and Sayali's wedding.

Just then, Sachin comes there and Paresh also comes after which he announces that Sayali has agreed to marry Sachin which makes Sachin shocked.

Sachin asks Paresh why didn't he confirm with him before taking such a big decision after which Paresh and the inspector try to convince him of the marriage.

Still, Sachin does not accept Sayali after which Paresh tells him that he has promised Sayali's family the wedding and he considers himself responsible for the worst condition of Sayali's family.

Aaji also requests Sachin and asks him to get ready for the wedding because Sayali is just next to a god who will make his life heaven but Sachin does not agree and asks the inspector to arrest him again.

Then, Aaji starts crying after which Sachin says that he cannot ruin his life after which he is about to leave but Paresh asks him to stop and tells him that after marrying Sayali his destiny will change.

Parseh asks Sachin to fulfill his one last wish otherwise he will die in grief which makes Sachin emotional but he does not say after which Paresh is about to hold Sachin's feet but Sachin stops him from doing it.

Sachin asks him what is he doing after which Sachin also starts crying but he accepts Paresh's decision and gets ready to marry Sayali which brings a smile to Paresh and Aaji's faces.

Meanwhile, Renu makes fun of both Sachin and Sayali by saying that match of florist and taxi driver will look good while Sachin gets ready for the wedding and comes in the mandap along with Sayali.

Pandit Ji starts the ritual ater both of them exchange garlands and Sachin ties the mangal sutra on Sayali's neck but she is not happy and lost somewhere else.

After that, he applies vermillion on Sayali's forehead and they take pheras as per Pandit Ji's instruction and with this their wedding gets completed.

Then, they take blessings of everyone while Paresh tells Sachin that now he has been married so he has to learn the responsibility of marriage and live according to Sayalia and never upset Sayali.

Sachin gets afraid while Aaji says that Sachin will handle everything after that Sachin holds Sayali's hand for the video ritual while Sayali starts crying before leaving her family behind and she hugs Shbha and starts crying.

Juhi and Dilip also becomes emotional while Paresh asks Shobha to come along with her whole family and stay with their family but Shobha asks how can they stay with them.

Then, Aaji requests her to come along with them so Shobha accepts Paresh's decision while Renu gets angry but does not say anything.

After that, they go back home while Akash helps Juhi open the window but Renu scolds him and asks to sit at his place whlle Sachin recieves a call for a drive but Paresh does not allow him to go.

Later they reach homes while Renu comes and sleeps and does not come outside after which Paresh tries to convince her but she does not come after which Aaji comes and scolds her.  

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