Udne Ki Aasha 18th April 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 18th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Paresh lying to Sayali that Renu is having headache that’s why she is unable to come there and do the aarti.

Sachin smirks and says that she is having headache because she ahs to do aarti of him instead of his favorite son Tejas which makes Sayali confused.

Aaji goes to Renu’s room and ask her to get up and do aarti of the bride and groom but Renu refuses and says that she won’t after which Aaji scolds her.

Then, Renu gets up and goes for the aarti but she does the aarti half heartedly whereas Tejas reaches to the flat where Isha lives and after reaching there he gets to know that the Owner of the flat is removing everything from the flat.

Owner asks him if he didn’t go to Canada along with Isha after which Tejas gets shocked The owner tells him that Isha told him that she is going to Canada which breaks Tejas’s heart.

He decides to confirm it from Isha but she has switched off her phone which makes Tejas feel anxious whereas Aaji asks Renu to do there remaining rituals.

Renu makes weird faces but Aaji shows eye to her then she peforms the ritual and she touches Sachin’s feet but he feels uncomfortable.

Aaji asks him what happened after which Sachin tells her that he does not remember when for the last time Renu touched him with love after which Renu stares at him.

Then, she washes Sachin’s feet after which Aaji asks her to wash Sayali’s feet too but Renu gets angry but she cannot express her anger.

After that, Aaji asks Anita to bring kalash for Sayali’s grehpravesh after which Aaji instructs Sayali to come insdie the house by kicking the kalash.

Then, Sayali follows all the ritual’s as per Aaji’s instruction after that Aaji asks Sachin to do the same ritual so he does the things as per instructions.

Later, Aaji asks the newly wed couple to take the blessings of the god so they worship the god whereas Tejas goes to bank and gets to know that Isha has transferred money to her account.

He asks the manager to help him while Renu calls him but he does not picks her call which makes Renu anxious and after that Tejas switches off his phone.

Later, Tejas goes to meet atravel agent and gets to know that Isha is going to Canada after which he goes from there whereas Juhi asks Shobha where Deshumkh family has gone by leaving them alone.

Shobha says that everything good will happen but Sayali says that everything bad is happening after which Shobha tells her to think positive.

Sayali says that she is feeling like captured in a prison and she can never be happy again and makes sad face while Renu asks Akash ti do something to bring back Tejas.

Paresh asks Renu to come outside as Shobha is waiting for them after which Renu tells him that she is not interested in coming out as she is finding Tejas.

Later, Sachin is about to go for the work but Aaji stops him and asks him to complete further rituals after which he sits along with Sayali and completes the rituals.

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