Bhagya Lakshmi: A New Disaster Awaits For Rishi

Bhagya Lakshmi: A New Disaster Awaits For Rishi

A new disaster awaits Rishi after Ranjit hurts Malishka so Rishi and Ayush worry for her while the police take Lakshmi to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Paro also goes there with Rishi and his family but is prohibited from meeting Lakshmi until she gives a statement.

Further, Ayush and Neelam talk, and Ayush tries to explain the situation to Neelam but she asks to talk with Rishi.

Neelam asks Rishi to come back as he has saved Paro which he wanted thus she doesn't want him to be around bad luck Paro anymore.

Just then, Shalu and Rishi share a hit-and-miss moment while Paro wishes to meet Lakshmi when Rishi's family waits for him.

As Rishi and Paro enter the ward Malishka states to Rishi that there is a piece of bad news which shocks Rishi.

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