Anupama 15th April 2024 Written Update

Anupama 15th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anupama struggling to explain her dish to the judges in English when Anuj offers to help and asks permission from the judges to translate for them.

The judges allow him and he translates her message to them line by line and then leaves.

One of the judges says that the dish looks nasty and he doesn’t even want to taste it while the other says that they will have to or else how will they give their judgments.

The judges have it and complain about its presentation and textures they ask her to wait for their decision.

They discuss the results among themselves. Meanwhile, Toshu returns in a bad mood Leela asks him what is up when he tells her that he is not getting a job and has been going here and there for interviews, but still doesn’t get selected.

Hasmukh comes and consoles him saying that it is not easy to walk on the right path but it gives you relaxation as he says that he is frustrated about his situation.

Hasmukh tells him not to give up and be rigid about his decisions.

Leela suggests he return to India and then they will not have to pay this much rent and will be easy for them too.

Back at the set, the judges are ready with their decisions and call the contestants forward one by one.

Later, it turns out that Anupama is in the danger zone but there is no elimination today as they tell them about the next round.

Then, Anuj meets the chef telling him that he is there to discuss an event when the chef asks him about the help he offered to Anupama, and asks if he is related to her in any way but he refuses.

On the other hand, Anupama is frustrated with herself as she says that she has been working in the kitchen for years and never has it happened that he drops a jar or anything but today, she dropped the can in front of millions of viewers.

She cries, calling herself stupid for not knowing how to open a can with a can opener, and motivates herself saying that she needs to focus on the show now and forget everything else.

Just then, Anuj comes there.

In the meantime, KInjal gives the kids the chocolate made from jaggery that Leela made when the kids say that they do not want anything except for each other’s presence and togetherness.

Pari says that she wants them to stay here since if they all are here together, every day feels like a festival.

They go while Leela says that she agrees with the kids and will too feel lonely at home without them and cry.

She says that she is afraid of loneliness in her old age and says that they should come with them to India.

Hasmukh says that they should do whatever they want and not think about what Leela is saying but gets emotional and starts to cry.

Toshu tells them that they are coming to India with them when Leela asks him to discuss it with Kinjal once.

Concurrently, Anupama tells Anuj that she got courage from Anuj’s presence while Aarush assures Pakhi that she can do anything, gradually coming close to her.

Just when she gets up, he orders her to sit again.

Subsequently, Anuj asks her about her plans since the restaurant is closed.

At the same time, Pakhi tries to call Anupama to rescue her as Anuj takes her to the hotel room where Pakhi is.

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