Bhagya Lakshmi 10th April 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 10th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Paro telling Shalu that Ranjit has kidnapped Lakshmi again thus they have come to rescue her after which Shalu gets worried and wants to come over there but Paro asks her to not come there as Rishi says.

There, Shalu thinks Rishi is an angel to help them but currently, she can't help them after which Paro says to Rishi that she will hide as otherwise, Ranjit can use her again to blackmail Lakshmi and hide there.

On the other hand, Lakshmi tries to run while Ranjit's men try to catch her after which Lakshmi asks Ranjit to not trouble her.

However, Ranjit says that Lakshmi has to marry him as no one will come to save her not even Rishi, and questions their relationship.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi understands from Ranjit's words that Rishi is alive and thanks god for that after which she locks herself in a room to get some time, but Ranjit orders his men to break the door which makes Lakshmi tense.

She thinks about why Shalu hasn't come yet with the police and then remembers that Shalu doesn't know the location.

Just then, Rishi comes there and asks for Lakshmi while he understands that Lakshmi is in the room after which Ranjit questions their relationship, to which Rishi says that he is Paro's dad and they share the relationship of humanity.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi also understands that Rishi has come to listen to the argument but can't recognize him after which Ranjit's men and Rishi fight, and eventually they overpower him.

There, the inspector worries about finding Shalu missing and asks the lady inspector to find her just then Malishka comes there and meets Ayush.

Further, she pressurizes the inspector to search Rishi fast but the inspector chides her so she calls the commissioner to put pressure on the inspector, after which they also get Rishi and Lakshmi's location through the detective.

On the other hand, Pandit Ji comes to Rishi's house and says that Rishi's bad luck has started again and that too more dangerous than before.

Meanwhile, Rishi warns Ranjit that he won't let him become Paro's dad and will go take Lakshmi as he knows she is in the room after which Ranjit lies he has locked Lakshmi in the room but Rishi says he knows Lakshmi has locked herself.

After that, Rishi mocks Ranjit so he loses his cool and decides to kill Rishi outside Paro thinks about whether she should go inside or not as Rishi and Lakshmi haven't come out.

There, Neelam asks for a solution to save Lakshmi after which, Pandit Ji says that he doesn't have any solution but the one who saved Rishi until now can save him.

On the other hand, Lakshmi comes out to help Rishi and throws a vase at Ranjit but he throws it on Lakshmi's back making her injured just then Paro comes there.

Meanwhile, Rishi fights Ranjit and Lakshmi goes to drop Paro in the room but faints making Paro worried.

As Ranjit is about to kill Rishi with the knife again Ayush and Malishka come there with the police but Ranjit holds Malishka on the knife while Rishi asks him to leave her.

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