Bhagya Lakshmi 14th April 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 14th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Rishi and Lakshmi sleeping in their houses respectively just then they had a same dream where Ranjit hit on their heads and they hold each other hands for support.

After that, their sleep got interrupted and they wake up thinking about their strange dream.

They wonder why they got such a dream when it has happened in real.

Further, they feel like they should talk to each other and wonder if they should message at night or not just then Rishi gets Lakshmi message stating thank you for helping Paro so he goes out of the room to talk with her and replies.

There, Lakshmi gets Rishi's message and she thinks why Rishi is awaken in the night if anything is wrong and questions the same from him after which he mentions how he has woke up with a dream.

Then, Lakshmi tells him the same and they wonder if they have seen the same dream and get shocked to confirm it after which, they think if their dream is a coincidence or a sign.

However, they go back to sleep deciding to not get bother about a dream, while they can't stop themselves from thinking about it and wonder what's the meaning of getting such a dream.

In the morning, Paro prays to god to give her a dad and if he can't bring her a dad then make her reach the dad, just then Shalu passes near her and stops to listen to her prayer, after which Paro taunts her about the same.

Meanwhile, Shalu wonders what's Paro's wish and decides to find out after which Lakshmi prays to god to fulfill Paro's wish whatever she wants.

There, Rishi thinks that Paro misses her dad a lot also he considers her as his daughter which he always wanted and thinks it would have been good if he can bring Paro and Lakshmi there but how.

He adds, in that way he can also save them from Ranjit and the other problems while Neelam takes the sacred thread from Pandit Ji to protect Rishi from bad luck and Lakshmi.

On the other hand, Rishi gets happy as he gets an idea to bring Paro and Lakshmi there while Ayush is surprised to see him smiling alone and asks about the same.

After that, Rishi tells him about his thought of bringing Paro and Lakshmi in their house, which makes Ayush happy while Rano calls Lakshmi to ask about Paro and scolds her to not telling her about it.

Then, as Lakshmi tells her how Mr. Oberoi saves her and Paro, Rano wonders if he is Rishi but Lakshmi denies her claim but Rano continues to suspect it.

There, Lakshmi thinks that it can't be Rishi but still she hasn't asked him his name yet.

Meanwhile, Neelam comes home with the sacred bracelet and says it'll protect Rishi to some extent until Pandit Ji finds the permanent solution.

After that, Harleen claims Lakshmi used to be Rishi's protector and praises her making Karishma and Neelam irked.

Further, Neelam goes to Rishi and makes him wear the bracelet even after his refusal and asks him to stay away from the problems.

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