Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd March 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd March 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Lakshmi feeling dizzy after drinking a spiked drink while Ranjit thinks his plan is working so now he'll take rounds with Lakshmi around holy fire to make them marry and then everyone has to accept their marriage.

After that, he goes to Lakshmi and starts taking rounds with her while Lakshmi isn't in the senses to stop him.

There, Neelam leaves as Avinash takes her while Ayush enjoys the situation and asks Mr. Bhandari to talk with Rishi directly about marriage.

Then, Mr. Bhandari forces Rishi to take rounds with Sasha without listening to him and Sasha starts taking rounds forcing Rishi.

Meanwhile, Anushka sees it and is shocked, to which Ayush tells her the matter and she asks him to stop them.

However, Ayush says he doesn't care if Lakshmi had been Rishi's wife then he would not let it happen but not now.

There, Ranjit and Lakshmi are seen taking rounds while Mr. Bhandari thinks now partnership will be his, just then Anushka separates Rishi and Sasha to stop them.

Further, she takes Sasha aside and tells her to stop taking rounds with a stranger man that too when she is a divorcee while Sasha says that it's not her fault to be a divorcee and complains about her husband.

However, Anushka reveals Rishi is married so she can't marry him, after which Anushka complains to Ayush that he should have done it, while Ayush takes it lightly.

There, Neelam makes Rishi meet with Simmi after which asks about Rishi's wife as they have to take rounds too just then Malishka comes there as Rishi's wife and Neelam asks her and Rishi to take rounds so they start to do it.

Meanwhile, Anushka looks happy to see Malishka but Ayush is irked, after which Rishi and Lakshmi are seen to take rounds respectively with their partners but can't complete it due to circumstances.

However, Rishi and Malishka think that they have completed the rounds and tell the family the same.

Meanwhile, Neelam gets happy to meet Malishka and says that always Malishka was the right choice for Rishi.

There, Simmi murmurs from herself from afar that Rishi and Malishka's rounds aren't completed.

On the other hand, a thorn pricks Lakshmi's foot which makes Ranjit tense about how he'll complete rounds, just then Shalu calls Rohan from a locked office and asks him to take her out of the office as they need to save Lakshmi.

Further, Rohan sends another boy to unlock Shalu while he saves Lakshmi by showering water on Lakshmi and Ranjit which makes Lakshmi come back to her senses.

After that, Shalu tells how Ranjit's men kidnapped her to trap Lakshmi while Neelam scolds Mr. Bhandari, Rishi, and Ayush respectively for trying to make Rishi marry Sasha.

Later, Paro meets Malishka and gets to know she is Rohan's mother while Karishma bad-mouths Paro, and when Malishka asks about Paro's identity, Karishma says she is Lakshmi's daughter making her shocked.

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