Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd March 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd March 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Paro saying to Malishka that she is so beautiful just like her mother while Malishka asks her identity, to which Karishma says that she is the illiterate daughter of Lakshmi.

This makes Malishka shocked while Karishma clarifies that she is talking about the teacher Lakshmi which relaxes Malishka.

Further, Paro says she isn't illiterate, and Malishka supports her and they become friends so Paro leaves.

Meanwhile, Karishma bad-mouths Paro and asks Malishka why she befriends Paro, to which Malishka asks her to cool down as Paro is just a child also her mother is taking care of Rohan so we can let Paro enjoy here too, and Karishma nods.

There, Lakshmi's family celebrates Holika Dahan and then they apply color to each other, while Paro also brings color to apply on Malishka but she stops her saying first Rishi will color her.

After that, Paro calls him dad and Karishma reveals that Paro addresses Rishi as dad even after they stop her, while Malishka goes to apply the first color on Rishi.

However, Paro does it even before Malishka can stop her, while Shalu decides to give Ranjit a final warning for his deed otherwise he has to go to jail.

There, Ranjit's men are massaging him while he complains that his father isn't letting him enter the home and thinks before Lakshmi had only a daughter then now her son has come.

Meanwhile, Ranjit's men motivate him to get Lakshmi by saying her Bhabhi so he gets firm to get Lakshmi.

On the other hand, Malishka gets disappointed with Paro for applying color on Rishi's very first but Paro apologizes to her saying she didn't know that she wanted to color Rishi first.

Then, Rishi asks Malishka to not be upset as every year she only colors him first so it's no big deal for this year and she can still color him, to which Malishka agrees and they color each other, while Rishi remembers Lakshmi.

There, Oberoi's family are sitting together and eating snacks just then Malishka wishes to talk with Rohan, and then the whole Oberoi family talks with Rohan telling him that there is a surprise for him.

After that, in the end, Malishka surprises Rohan by talking with him.

She asks him about his whereabouts while Rohan expresses his happiness in the village just then Paro comes there and they talk about Holi after which Paro asks him to call Lakshmi.

Further, Rohan calls Lakshmi and she replies but just then a utensil falls in the kitchen which creates a noise so Malishka can't hear Lakshmi's voice clearly but finds it familiar and gets restless.

There, Rohan happily tells Lakshmi about his mother's return which makes Lakshmi sad, while Malishka comes to Rishi in the room and expresses how she missed him.

However, someone keeps disturbing them by knocking on the door but when Malishka goes to check she finds no one which frustrates her.

After that, Lakshmi misses her lost son while Shalu consoles her.

On the other hand, Malishka finds that Paro is disturbing them and scolds her but Rishi saves her and Paro apologizes.

Further, she tells Malishka that she is here to sleep with Rishi which makes Malishka shocked.

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