Bhagya Lakshmi 8th April 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 8th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Ranjit telling his men to handle Rishi while he takes away Lakshmi.

However, Malishka can't see Lakshmi's face as it gets covered by a dupatta then Ranjit's men decide to kill Rishi and take out the knife for the same which makes Malishka worried.

Further, she throws something at the man when he is about to attack Rishi which makes the goon notice Malishka, and when they get to know she is Rishi's wife they decide to kill her as well.

After that, Rishi wakes up and scares the goons by seeing Malishka in danger then Malishka reveals how she came to save him while Rishi asks her about Lakshmi and Malishka says that Ranjit took Lakshmi with him.

This makes Rishi worried and he decides to save her and listens car starting sound while Shalu asks the police officer to come with her as it's already so late but the officer asks her to wait some more time for his senior to arrive.

On the other hand, Rishi runs behind Ranjit's car to stop him but can't while Malishka runs behind Rishi and feels like Rishi is running behind the previous Lakshmi.

Further, Rishi goes to Paro and tells her about the incident, says he'll save Lakshmi, and asks Malishka to contact Surendra to get any clue about where Ranjit can go while Surendra asks them to wait for a while.

After that, Rishi asks Malishka to go to the police station as Paro's aunt is also there and he'll go to search Lakshmi after which Malishka wishes to accompany him but Rishi denies it and thanks Malishka for coming there.

There, Ranjit decides to marry Lakshmi before she gains consciousness and calls his friend Vijay to make arrangements.

However, Vijay tries to stop him but he blackmails him while Neelam worries for Rishi and Malishka just then Rohan tells Neelam that Anushka told him that Rishi saved Paro, after which Neelam sends Rohan away and calls Anushka to her room.

Meanwhile, Rishi and Paro are unable to find Lakshmi and Paro reveals Ranjit's family's bad deeds to Rishi and how he tried to marry Lakshmi on Holi but failed, which makes Rishi remember that he faced a similar situation too and he wonders if they have any connection.

There, Anushka wonders why Neelam called her suddenly and remembers that Rohan had gone to tell Neelam about Rishi so maybe she'll ask her about the same and feel a dilemma whether she should tell Neelam the truth or not.

On the other hand, Ranjit brings an unconscious Lakshmi to Vijay's house and asks him to bring a Pandit while they are scared about his idea of forced marriage but he forces them.

Meanwhile, Anushka tells Neelam how and why she lied to Rohan after which Neelam thinks that Rohan and Rishi both have lost their mind for Paro.

There, Manpreet finds Ayush missing in the office and tells family members the same while Anushka understands that he must have gone to save Paro.

On the other hand, Ayush comes to the police station as he can't contact Rishi or Malishka just then he receives Anushka's call and tells her that he is in Gurdaspur.

After that, Karishma scolds him and calls Paro clever to trap them all but Ayush asks her to not talk about a child like that and states he is there to help Rishi.

In the police station, Shalu scares the police officers by taking a gun as they don't help her and tries to go while Ayush is heading there.

There, Rishi motivates Paro to search for Lakshmi and asks her to be positive while Paro says Lakshmi says the same and asks him if Lakshmi taught him all this.

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