Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 15th April 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 15th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode starts with Chinmay saying to Savi that she interferes a lot thus he has to oust her from the house first while Savi says that the person who is far from his family, shouldn't think to oust someone else from the family but to mend relationships.

She adds, that he is Ishaan's brother but it doesn't gives him a licence for talking rudely while Chinmay says that being rude isn't cup of tea for all and what will Savi do if she'll call the police to oust him from the house.

Meanwhile, Ishaan tries to calm Savi but she states that she'll make Chinmay part of the family again, after which Chinmay threatens her.

Further, Ishaan warns Chinmay to not misbehave with his wife or his family but Chinmay refuses to change his ways and asks who is Ishaan to stop him if he is house owner.

After that, Yashwant comes forward to rebuke Chinmay for coming home while Chinmay says to Yashwant that he should give him what he wants otherwise, he'll destroy his house which makes everyone shocked.

There, Yashwant says that he is Chinmay's dad and he can't defeat him.

He adds, that if Chinmay wants to stay there then he can stay with a servant while Chinmay doesn't mind it and asks a servant Jeetu to shift his luggage in his room.

Further, Jeetu brings Chinmay's luggage to his room where Chinmay asks him to sleep on the bed while he'll sleep on the floor.

Meanwhile, Jeetu tries to deny it but Chinmay says that he doesn't want to trouble Jeetu due to him thus he'll sleep on the floor, in the meantime, Surekha, Shikha, and Ishaan see that from the outside.

After that, Surekha comes to Chinmay and says she won't let him stay here while Chinmay tells her that Yashwant wants it but Surekha tries to defend Yashwant saying he just say it in anger.

She adds, she won't let him suffer while Chinmay says there are many things which has happened wrong to him but Surekha never took stand for him.

He makes her remember that she has ousted Isha to keep Ishaan with her but never argued with Yashwant when he was doing wrong with him.

Then, he asks Surekha to leave but Shikha asks him to not sleep here and come to their room as she can't sleep peacefully either if he'll stay there.

Meanwhile, Chinmay taunts her for living peacefully without her so many years and then ousts them all out of the room, while Savi sees it and feels bad.

Further, Savi sees a crying Shikha in her room and says she regrets for giving her an idea to call Chinmay and a flashback shown where Savi asks Shikha to call Chinmay to the house for 1 month if he wants divorce.

Back to reality, Shikha says it's not like that even she is grateful to Savi for the idea but Savi asks her to not live with such a person who doesn't even respect his parents.

However, Shikha clarifies that Chinmay used to be a caring person though they never consummated their marriage but he used to respect him a lot and she can't understand why he changed so drastically.

There, Savi wonders what has happened which has changed Chinmay so much, while Surekha shows Chinmay the gifts she bought for him but Chinmay stays rude to her.

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