Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 16th April 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 16th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode starts with Surekha showing gifts to Chinmay while Chinmay asks if it'll be fit to Ishaan seeing a kurta after which Surekha asks Chinmay that why he is asking it.

After that, Chinmay says that he wants to know that if Surekha had originally bought it for Ishaan and then he doesn't like that so she is giving it to him.

He adds, that he used to get treated like that only from the childhood and got things after Ishaan only.

However, Surekha tries to calm him down but Chinmay says that they never bothered to know his choice.

Further, Chinmay says that Ishaan got all the love even without parents that he didn't get even after having parents and then asks Surekha to go out the room throwing her gifts.

Meanwhile, Savi sees this and stares at Chinmay after which he asks the reason so Savi says that she wants to see humanity in his eyes.

She adds, she wants know if Surekha and Shikha aren't wasting their time on him to change him when he doesn't have any hope to get changed.

Later, she asks Jeetu that how he share room with Chinmay who is such a brat while Jeetu praises him after which Savi gets into thinking that if Shikha and Jeetu are right then if Yashwant is responsible for Chinmay's changed behaviour.

In the kitchen, Surekha is lost thinking Chinmay's words just then Savi comes and offs the gas as the milk is about to overflow while Surekha tries to hide her tears.

There, Savi comforts her and then shares her childhood incident.

She tells Surekha that in her childhood her mother raise her up as a single parent and only they two were in the family so they used to prepare fried Modak for each other if anyone gets upset to reset the things for sometime.

After that, she says that Sai used to say that every relationship has a reset button and we just need to find it.

Further, Surekha prepares special food for Chinmay and asks Durva, Shikha, and Asmita to help her in kitchen to keep things on the dining table.

There, Anvi and Savi talk about the drama script where Savi says she liked it a lot and praise Anvi's knowledge while Anvi shares siblings childhood dreams with her.

Just then, Ishaan and Nishikant come there while Nishikant says Yashwant didn't tell him anything on Chinmay's matter while Reeva gives Ishaan the list of colleges who will be part of drama after which Nishikant worries about preparations and Savi says Anvi will do it.

She tells them that this year they will perform Anvi's written play and the idea is liked by everyone while Durva aske Anvi that even if she knows about about Lord Ram after which Savi explains the qualities of Lord Ram and thinks how they are similar to Ishaan.

Meanwhile, Surekha says Ramayan is so relatable for human's life and gives Chinmay's example after which Yashwant comes and bad-mouths Chinmay which he heard.

Further, Surekha asks Chinmay to eat as she has prepared his favourite food while he agrees saying they will eat together similar to their childhood which makes everyone happy.

However, when Surekha tries to feed him he asks her to feed Ishaan as that's what she used to do then he goes from there saying he has already eaten with Jeetu.

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