Imlie 19th April 2024 Written Update

Imlie 19th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Imlie sitting beside Surya after which he wakes up and asks what is she doing there so she goes from there.

Surya receives a call from Anjali and she tortures him saying that she is willing to kill someone after which Surya becomes anxious and he goes to see her.

Anjali smirks and cuts the call while Imlie’s aunt Pallavi comes there along with her daughter’s would-be in-laws while Imlie’s cousin meets Imlie and asks what is going to happen there.

Imlie tells her that she is worried after which Pallavi asks her daughters in-law’s family to sit on the sofa after which Indira comes there and stops them from sitting on the sofa.

Indira tells Pallavi that she called her to tell Imlie’s truth to them after which she tells in front of everyone that Imlie questions other’s parenting but what kind of manners did she has as she always beats and misbehave with Surya.

Pallavi becomes angry and she scolds Imlie for doing such things after which Imlie asks Indira to discuss all these things later but Indira says that she won’t stop as Surya has suffered a lot due to her.

On the other hand, Surya goes to Anjali’s house after which he notices that she is sitting along with a knife in her hand.

She tells him that she will kill Imlie for slapping him after which she engages in a fight with him after which she notices the poem written on Surya’s hand by Imlie but he asks her where she got to know about it.

Anjali tells him that Malti informed him after which Surya wonders if that whole Reddy family would have gotten to know that Imlie has slapped him after which he goes from there.

Meanwhile, Nirmala manipulates Bulubul’s would in-laws and asks them, to rethink before marrying Bulbul because she is Imlie’s sister so she would have to have the same character as her.

Pallavi tells them that Imlie is orphan and she does not belong to their family after which Indira tells Pallavi that for better etiquettes parenting matters rather than kin relations.

After that, Prashant’s family decides to break Bulbul and Prashant marriage and they goes from there which makes the situation worse.

Pallavi scolds Imlie in front of everyone for ruining Imlie’s life after which Appa comes in between and asks her if he slapped Surya then she accepts.

Later, Surya comes there and he asks Prashant's family to not break the wedding because Imlie asked for an apology from him.

Parshant mother tells him that they need some time to think about it because she has many doubts which need to be clarified first after which Pallavi starts crying in front of her and requests her to not break the wedding while Imlie assures her that Bulbul is far better than her.

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