Imlie 20th April 2024 Written Update

Imlie 20th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Surya defending Imlie in front of everyone and saying that he is proud of her as she knows how to take a stand for herself.

After that, he asks Prashant’s parent to not judge Bulubul and asks them to not break the wedding after which Prasant’s family gets ready for the wedding and com the tilak ceremony.

Imlie becomes happy while Nirmala becomes angry and she is about to go from there after which Appa asks her to stay there and go after the tilak ceremony is completed.

Then, the tilak ceremony begins in front of everyone while Imlie’s dupatta gets stuck in Surya’s shirt after which Arjun teases both of them which makes them embarrassed.

Later, the ceremony is completed and Imlie sees off them after which Indira scolds Nirmala for calling Pallavi’s relative to the house after knowing that Bulbul’s wedding was about to get fixed today.

Meanwhile, Imlie comes there and tells Indira that she never questioned her parenting after which Indu says that after saying bad things to Surya she has indirectly questioned her parenting.

Indira turns around while Imlie says that she respects her after which Nirmala adds fuel to the fire after which Imlie gives a befitting reply to Nirmala that she will ask for apology from Indira everytime.

Imlie warns Nirmala and says that from now her eyes will be on her after which she goes from there while Surya roams around in the corridor and Arjun comes there and pulls his leg if he is waiting for Imlie.

Arjun says that for the first time, he is going on formal invite at his in-law’s house while Surya says that Imlie is taking so much time after which comes well dressed which makes Surya continuously stare at her.

Arjun praises her plays guitar and whispers in Surya’s ear if he is not late after which Surya asks Imlie if they can go so Imlie comes and they go.

Meanwhile, Appa scolds Nirmala for misbehaving with Imlie’s family today which is very worng after which he tells Indu that he always considered her as hi s daughter.

He asks her why she disrespected Imlie today after which Indu says that she does not considers Imlie as her family member after which Nirmala also supports her.

Then, Niramla says that Imlie Raghu is in jail after which Appa says that Rghu tried to harm Surya then he goes from there.

Nirmala tries to manipulate Indira while Pallavi welcomes Surya and Imlie by doing their aarti while Imlie asks Pallavi where is uncle.

Bulbul asks Surya and Imlie to come inside the house after which Surya asks Imlie why he wrote a poem on his hand.

She does not say anything after which he holds her hand and says that now at anytime she can become his target after which she stares at him. 

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