Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 14th April 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 14th April 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with Harsh coming from the building when Kavita acts to slap Abhiraj and says they whu he did not tell her that Babita snatched Jahan’s home on the pretext of provoking Harsh against Virat.

Harsh goes to him angrily and takes him inside asking him to tell everyone the truth.

Meanwhile, Babita tells Nimrit that they need to do something for Amruta since she is manipulating Virat and he is not trusting her while Nimrit suggests making Bhavani cry to teach a lesson to Amruta.

Babita asks why will she take Jahan’s house since it is just a tinted and filthy garbage room.

On the other hand. Amruta sees Harsh bringing Abhiraj with him as Kavita follows them which makes her ask what is up.

He tells her that they snatched Jahan’s house from her when Kavita says that they did not as Abhiraj says that they are equally responsible for Vitrat’s mistake and apologizes for taking the roof away from them.

She asks them to tell everything clearly when Harsh says that they are innocent and it is Babita to did this to them which shocks Amruta.

Concurrently, Virat talks to someone asking him to admit the one whose accident has happened in the hospital and the company will bear all the expenses when he sees Amruta there.

He asks her why is she here when she says that she has come to know something which makes him realize that she knows the truth now.

He explains to her that he wanted to tell her but couldn’t gather courage as he says that he knows she must be very angry and wants to send her to jail.

She says that she knows what to do and is sure that Babita has not done anything.

It is someone else who is trying to create a misunderstanding between him and his mother.

He says that it is Babita only since her name was there on the paper as she says that there is no chance she could do that.

On the flip side, Babita, Nimrit, and Ishika plan Ishika’s mehendi function when Nimrit conspires against Bhavani to make her feel insulted.

Subsequently, Abhira sees Virat and Amruta sitting in Virat’s office and texts Ishika to execute plan B right away.

Meanwhile, Nimrit and Ishika are about to leave when Ishika says that she had asked a servant to keep an eye on Amruta and Virat making sure that they both are not alone anytime which makes her furious.

She goes to Virat’s office right away and hears him saying sorry to her. He asks her not to say sorry to a girl like her who is trying to provoke Virat against her and says that she herself has prepared the paper.

Babita says this is all an act when Virat says that  Amruta is defending her but she doesn’t listen and goes to slap her.

Virat comes in between asking her to slap him if she wants to which makes her say that he is repeating the same mistakes and has broken her heart as she leaves.

Amruta consoles him saying everything will be fine and he leaves.

In the night, Amruta talks to Virat saying Babita did not do anything as they hear Babita telling Virat that Amruta is the reason he is standing against her and cries while he says that he is misunderstanding Amruta.

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