Pandya Store 10th March 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 10th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 10 March 2024 episode starts with Amba getting tensed seeing a small house and saying that it's a very small house and how her children will adjust there.

After that, Dhawal assures her saying they can stay there together and that he trusts Amrish he'll get them back to Makwana's house, while Golu asks Hetal for food as he is hungry.

Further, Hetal asks where is the kitchen, to which Dhawal says that they have nothing in the house, which makes Hetal worried about how she'll cook.

There, Chiku shares his pain with Isha of him always getting neglected by the family even after doing so much for them, while Isha consoles him saying that their pain is no different.

On the other hand, Dhawal says that he'll bring the needed stuff for the house, and Amrish gives him money for that.

At the same time, Shalini praises Chiku for making Amrish homeless while Chiku asks her to not let Amrish bounce back.

There, Dhawal helps his sisters-in-law fix the gas stove so they can start cooking, after that the brothers set the mattresses on the floor while Amrish faces the problem of talking on the call due to the noises.

Further, Dolly asks when will their bed arrive, to which Chirag asks her to understand that they can't fix the beds in such a small space while Amrish gets frustrated and scolds Bhaven for causing the blunder in their lives.

After that, he talked with one businessman over the call to give him a loan to restart his business and he'll pay his debt in under 6 months.

However, he refuses as Amrish has a low credit score in the market currently, while the family continues to make noises and Golu asks for food continuously so Amrish gets frustrated and enters the kitchen asking Hetal and Pranali to cook fast the dish.

But in the process, the already prepared food got spilled on the ground, while Natasha came there with the food.

On the other hand, Shesh comes to live with Chiku under the pretext of supporting him to enjoy the luxury of the big house.

Isha comes there and is happy to know Shesh understands them.

Further, Shesh demands a room, to which Isha asks him to pick whatever he likes, and Shesh picks Amrish's room.

There, Natasha comes inside with food and tells them that she has brought food for them, while Amba refuses to accept her food after getting the betrayal.

After that, Amrish declares that if Amba won't eat then no one will eat.

However, Amba gives up for Golu's sake when he continuously asks for food.

Further, Natasha is about to serve them food but there are only 5 paper plates so she asks them to eat in couples.

Later, Dhawal refuses to eat if Natasha won't eat with him as he knows she hasn't eaten anything too, so Natasha eats with him.

After that, Hetal thanks Natasha for the food while Natasha tells her that she'll bring breakfast too.

Further, Natasha takes her leave and Dhawal goes after her which is not liked by Amba and Amrish.

Meanwhile, Dhawal offers to drop Natasha home and asks why she is caring for them, to which she says for humanity and blames herself for what happened.

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