Parineeti 13th April 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 13th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Neeti showing anger at Shally when he tries to take care of her after which Neeti realizes that she has overreacted.

After that, Neeti tries to manipulate him alone and tells him that she needs some time to explore him before marrying him but he murmurs that he understands Neeti’s intentions, but he does not say anything to her.

Later, Shally meets Bajwa's family after which Chandrika pulls his leg and says that Shally is mad in Neeti’s love.

Meanwhile, Shally smirks and taunts Neeti that she never values his emotions after which Neeti becomes angry and asks her what she did.

Just then, Rajeev suggests Shally accept whatever Neeti is saying after which Shraddha ji argues with Pammi and asks why they didn’t tell her earlier that Neeti is not interested in a wedding with Shally.

Then, Neeti asks Shally to follow Rajeev’s instruction and give her whatever she wants after which she says that Rajeev understands her far better than anyone else.

Shally says that he is seeing the first woman who likes her brother-in-law more than her would-be husband after which Neeti stares at him while Pammi murmurs that Neeti is doing all these things intentionally to separate Pari and Rajeev.

Meanwhile, Pari thinks that Neeti still has some love for Rajeev, but she is not able to recognize it while Rajeev looks at Pari’s face and murmurs that he only loves her and Neeti belongs to his past while Pari is his present and future.

At the same time, Shally tells everyone that Neeti wants some extra time to explore him and wants to delay the wedding after which Pari asks Shally why he is worried.

Shally tells everyone that Neeti is making excuses after which Neeti lies to everyone that she wants to spend some time along with Shally before marriage and wants to enjoy the courtship period.

Shraddha and Pari agree to Neeti’s thoughts after which Shally does not say anything and murmurs that everyone supports Neeti every time.

Later, Rajeev calls his boss and invites him to Baisakhi after which his boss asks him to come along with his family to Baisakhi at his house after which Rajeev says yes to him.

After that, he tells Pammi about it but she asks him why he agreed to go there after which he tells her that he didn’t want to make his boss feel bad after which Pammi gets convinced and says that she can come along with him for a few hours.

Pammi asks Rajeev to take extra care of Pari as she is in her seventh month after which Rajeev assures her while Shally asks about his emotions regarding his child.

Rajeev tells him that he is very excited to show the world to his child and tells Shally that he and Pari come together for the child while Neeti overhears their conversation.

Neeti murmurs that Rajeev is mad at Pari and his upcoming child’s love but she thinks that she has one more chance to win Rajeev.  

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