Parineeti 14th April 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 14th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with the Bajwa family going to Mr Mehra’s baishaki party while Neeti also comes there along with them but Pammi does not want her to come along with them.

Pari gets well-dressed after which Rajeev admires her and keeps on staring at her which makes Neeti jealous but she does not say anything.

After that, they reach there while Shally becomes happy after seeing Neeti over there and the party begins after which they enjoy and dance their hearts out.

Pari and Rajeev enjoy a lot while Neeti becomes sad seeing them so close but she pretends to be happy while after dancing Rajeev and Amit become thirsty.

Neeti goes to bring water for them but she uses Madhu’s idea and mixes medicine in Rajeev’s water so that she can go close to him.

She thanks Madhu for giving her such an idea and she offers water to them after which Rajeev drinks it and he loses consciousness.

Neeti becomes happy while Rajeev enjoys and asks everyone to celebrate while Neeti murmurs that for the first time, she sees Rajeev enjoying his life again.

Afterward, she brings Rajeev to an empty room and makes him sit on the bed, and asks him if she can close the door so Rajeev allows her to close it.

Neeti locks the door after which she asks Rajeev what his views are for her, so he tells her that she is his favorite which makes Neeti feel special but at the same time he recalls Pari which makes Neeti angry.

She holds Rajeev’s face with her hands and asks him if he does not find something special in her while Shally reaches there and catches Neeti holding Rajeev’s chin with her hands.

Shally becomes angry and asks Neeti what she is doing along with Rajeev while Pari searches for Rajeev and gets to know about him from her maid after which she goes to find him.

Pari comes into the room where Rajeev is and she finds Rajeev drunk after which she tries to hold him properly whereas Shally asks Neeti what is she trying to do.

Neeti lies to him that she was trying to check Rajeev if he is drunk or not after which she goes from there whereas Rajeev comes out along with Pari.

He holds Pari’s hand in front of everyone and tells her that he finds her beautiful in a purple suit and asks her to wear it daily.

Neeti also comes there and notices Rajeev praising Pari in front of everyone and saying that he is blessed to have a wife like her which makes Pammi feel good and blesses them.

Shraddha ji asks Shally why Neeti has made such a weird face after which Shally tells her that she would be sad because everyone is praising Pari not her.

Shally tells her that he will make her happy by praising her while Rajeev expresses his love for Pari and Monty asks god to give him a wife like Pari.

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