Parineeti 16th April 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 16th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Rajeev and Pari spending quality time together after which Neeti comes there and disturbs them.

Pari is about to confess her feelings to Rajeev but Neeti interrupts in between after which Rajeev gets angry at Neeti.

He tells Neeti that Pari was about to say that she loves him but due to her, she stopped after which Rajeev insists that Pari again tell him that she loves him.

Meanwhile, Neeti yells at them and says that just for them they have organized a baishakhi function and they both are missing from there after which she asks Pari to come along with her.

Rajeev holds Pari’s hand and says that he came there along with Pari so he will also accompany her while Neeti stays there.

Neeti murmurs that Pari has snatched Rajeev from her but before the next Vaishali she will take Rajeev from Pari and put vermillion of his name on her forehead.

On the other hand, Pari and Rajeev downstairs while Pammi pulls Rajeev’s leg by asking him if he is still unconscious and lost in another world.

Rajeev feels shy and denies after which Pammi tells her that she has specially organized the fire in baishakhi so that no one can put evil eye on Rajeev and Pari’s bond.

After that, Shally looks at Neeti and says that he will also take rounds of the baiskhi fire while Chandrika becomes excited and says that she will also take rounds of the fire.

Bebe taunts Chandrika and says that she cannot perform this ritual because she is not Punjabi after which Pammi tells Bebe that Chandrika is now part of their family so she has all rights to perform the rituals.

On the other hand, Neeti goes from there and tells Pammi that she will come in a few minutes whereas Pammi wonders what new drama Neeti is going to create.

Neeti comes into her room and murmurs that she does not want to take rounds along with Shally but he comes there and asks Neeti to come downstairs along with them for the ritual.

Meanwhile, Neeti refuses and says that she won’t be performing any rituals with him which makes Shally angry and he forces Neeti to come along with him.

Shally tells her that Shraddha wants them to do the ritual but Neeti refuses after which Shally misbehaves with Neeti.

Shally comes downstairs to join everyone for the function while Pari says that she is going to bring Neeti after which Shally tells her that Neeti will come on her own which makes Pari confused and worried for Neeti.

Neeti comes downstairs and prays to god to remove Shally from her life and Pari from Rajeev’s life after which she recalls that she asked a worker to put broken pieces of glass on the floor to hurt Pari. 

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