Parineeti 17th April 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 17th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Neeti recalling how she pushed Gurinder from the terrace while Shally came there.

Shally asks Neeti to come along with him to take pheras of the baishaki but Neeti reminds him that she won’t take pheras along with him before marriage.

After that, Shally forces her and says that she has to follow his instructions while Pari tells Rajeev that she wants to check Neeti if she is fine or not because Neeti acts as being unconscious.

Rajeev murmurs that Neeti has done so wrong with Pari but still she has so much love and concern for Neeti in her heart.

He asks god to always make Pari his wife in every birth and admires her while Pari insists he let her go but Rajeev does not allow her to go because her feet are injured.

Pammi says that Pari cannot take Phera’s because she cannot walk after which Rajeev picks her up in his arm and goes downstairs.

Rajeev announces in front of everyone that he is going to take phera along with Pari for the first time after marriage while Neeti gets conscious after hearing it.

Shally gets shocked to see Neeti behaving normally while she becomes shocked to see that Rajeev is performing pheras along with Pari.

Neeti gets jealous of Pari while Shally provokes Neeti and asks her if her B.P. has increased after seeing Rajeev and Pari performing pheras.

Neeti scolds him for saying such a thing while Shally makes Neeti jealous by saying that Pari and Rajeev look good together.

Shally wishes the same for Neeti and himself while she makes a weird face and goes from there while Shraddha meets Neeti and asks her to perform pheras along with Shally.

Neeti refuses and says that she cannot perform the pheras before their marriage which hurts Shraddha after which she complains to Shally about it.

Shally listens to her while she shows him that Neeti has some kind of attraction for Rajeev because she always roams around Rajeev and she also says that Neeti is enjoying juice along with Rajeev which makes Shally feel bad.

After that, he meets Pari and tells her that he gets positive vibes after seeing her and Rajeev together while Pari also says the same for him and Neeti.

Shally laughs and says that visible things are not the same after which Pari asks him what is he trying to say after which he tells Pari that Neeti always roams around Rajeev which is wrong.

Pari gets confused and says that there is nothing like that but Shally does not stop and keeps on complaining to her after which Pari tells him that a wife can easily sense if another woman is coming near to her husband or not.

Later, Pammi gives sweets to everyone and she offers a single box to Neeti and Shally but he refuses and asks her to offer him a different box because he hasn’t married Neeti yet.

Afterward, Shally tells everything related to Neeti Pammi after which she tries to convince him that there is nothing wrong between Rajeev and Neeti and she asks him to clarify his doubts about Neeti.  

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