Parineeti 18th April 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 18th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with an argument taking place between Shally and Neeti as Shally confirms his doubt that Neeti has a crush on Rajeev.

Neeti pushes away Shally and goes away from there while Shally murmurs that he will disclose Neeti’s truth to everyone.

On the other hand, Monty tells Rajeev that he never had a girlfriend after which Rajeev tells him that he enjoyed a lot with girls during his college time.

After that, Bebe taunts Rajeev indirectly by saying that still women are mad at Rajeev and fighting amongst themselves for him.

Then, everyone stares at Bebe after which she says that she was trying to lighten the mood while Pammi asks about Neeti.

Rajeev tells her that he asked Shally to take her on a date so that they can know each other in a better way after which Bebe murmurs that before marriage complications are coming in Neeti and Shally’s life.

Bebe smirks and murmurs that it is Neeti’s drama to stay in Bajwa family while Pammi wishes for Neeti and Shally’s wedding to take place early so that Rajeev can live peacefully with Pari.

Just then, Shally comes there and Rajeev asks him what happened because Shally is drunk and is not able to stand properly while Shally is about to tell something related to Neeti.

Suddenly, Neeti comes there crying and she hugs Rajeev after which she tells everyone that Shally was trying to molest her after which she hugs Pari too.

Rajeev and Pari become shocked after which Neeti tells them that Shally was touching her inappropriately after which Shally tells everyone that Neeti is lying.

Meanwhile, Rajeev shouts at him and asks him to stay quiet, and asks Neeti to speak while she murmurs that she was eagerly waiting to see this love for herself in Rajeev’s eye.

Then, Neeti lies to everyone that Shally was trying to be physical with her without her permission while Shally wonders why Neeti is lying to everyone.

Neeti recalls Shally saying that he would tell Neeti’s truth to everyone and how she went to convince Shally but he yelled at her after knowing that Neeti’s past was Rajeev.

She recalls that how hard she was trying to manipulate Shally and she offered water to Shally in which she mixed alcohol after which Shally lost his consciousness.

Bebe wonders what is going on while Neeti remembers that she made fake marks on her body to prove Shally wrong after which she murmurs that after Rajeev and Madhu’s case, she understood that scratches need to be made on Shally’s body too.

All these things told by Neeti provoke Rajeev’s anger after which he holds Shally’s collar and asks him why he did so but Shally is not able to understand what is going on.

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