Radha Mohan 13th April 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 13th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with the officer asking Mohan to sign the registry papers as Yug and Radha have already done it, while Mohan sees Radha's sign and murmurs her name.

There, Radha feels it and complains to god that why she keeps remember Mohan and thinks when she'll get rid of Mohan's memories.

On the other hand, Mohan asks for the way to the bathroom and Pari Dadi tells him after that he goes, while Dadi tries to call Radha getting troubled by the cold.

Meanwhile, Yug sees Gungun standing outside of the house and thinks everyone is inside but she is out and thinks she is weird.

Further, he talks with her in a friendly way and asks her to come inside if she feels like that so Gungun accompany him, while Dadi thinks she has to do something to save herself and reach the door with a great difficulty feeling the cold.

Then, she bangs on the door calling Radha to open the door as there is cold inside while Mohan is passing near her and listens to the door banging sound.

However, Mohan thinks that it's his hallucination thus ignores it while Dadi cries requesting to open the door, after which she searches for the A.C remote but can't find it.

Just then, the A.C remote is shown placed on the table in the hall while Pari Dadi says that she'll make Meera tour of their house so Meera goes with her, and Yug accompanies them thinking they can reach to Dadi's room.

There, Mohan lost his way finding the bathroom and opens Dadi's room lock thinking it's the bathroom but before he can go inside Yug takes him from there stating it's not the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Dadi escapes from there calling Radha's name after which Yug enters her room and gets tensed finding her missing and thinks she might complain about him to Radha.

This makes Yug frustrated and he decides to kill Dadi while Pari Dadi asks them all that did they like her house, after which Mohan praises it.

Just then, Yug leaves from there in a hurry while Mohan and family also take their leave having a funny moment with Pari Dadi.

There, Yug searches for Dadi and is tensed that she shouldn't meet Radha and checks about it but Dadi isn't at Radha's office.

On the other hand, Dadi prays to god that she thinks Yug would be good for Radha after leaving Mohan but he is another problem and asks the god to save Radha from Yug and give her a sign for that.

Meanwhile, Yug is tensed thinking Radha will hate him and might leave him if she gets to know what he did with Dadi so calls her to confirm that Dadi hasn't meet her.

Further, he lies to Radha that Dadi has left for Barsana and thinks to keep Dadi and Radha's past far from Radha.

There, Dadi says to god that Yug is a psycho and wants to kill her lately, she adds that the god should give a sign to Radha so she can understand Yug's psycho nature.

Just then, Mohan enters the same temple.

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