Radha Mohan 15th April 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 15th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha tries to walk away but Ketki says she is Radha only and she has changed a lot as if she has gotten a lottery.

There, Dadi says to Mohan that he has lost the right to question Radha as she is happy wherever she is but Mohan keeps requesting her to let him meet Radha while Dadi thinks that she can't ruin Radha's happiness by bringing Mohan back in her life and denies.

Dadi rebukes Mohan for breaking Radha to the core that she had stopped believing in relationship and love and it took her years to get over it.

After that, she says Radha has moved on in life and it would be better if Mohan moves on too while Mohan says he just wants to meet Radha one last time to ask his questions.

There, Ketki tags Radha as gold digger and states she must have trapped another man while Ajeet tries to stop her but she says Radha is illiterate she won't even understand what she is saying.

However, Radha answers her back talking in english shocking her and states she has achieved the success through her hardwork and illiterate are the ones who can't behave properly.

She adds, Ketki is still stuck in the past when she has moved on, and then Radha says Ketki is arrogant like before and is about to walk away when Ajeet says Radha is also changed with her look while Radha says even her name is changed, she is Radhika now and it won't be good for Ajeet and Ketki if they try to mess up with her.

After that, she leaves making Ajeet and Ketki shocked while Mohan keeps trying to convince Dadi saying he and Radha both made mistakes but Dadi stops him and says only he is at fault.

Meanwhile, Mohan says that Radha has slapped his mother after which Dadi says Mohan should have listened Radha's point before jumping on the conclusion as he was wrong in Damini's matter too.

Further, she leaves from there saying Mohan shouldn't come after Radha now and thinks Yug atleast loves Radha unconditionally and she has to keep Mohan far from Radha.

There, Mohan vows to meet Radha through Dadi at any cost while Yug is searching for Dadi and getting frustrated thinking she shouldn't tell Radha about him otherwise he'll kill her.

Just then, he sees Dadi on the road and hits her with the car while Mohan sees it but Dadi escapes from there in Yug's car.

Further, Yug asks Dadi if she'll tell Radha about him, after which Dadi says she just wants Radha's happiness so Yug shouldn't be bothered from her.

Meanwhile, Yug promises Dadi to not let a tear escape Radha's eyes.

On the other hand, Radha cries on her helplessness that she can't meet Ketki and Ajeet properly who was her family and prays to god to not bring Mohan in front of her ever otherwise she won't be able to handle herself.

After that, Yug enters the room and asks Radha who is he making Radha shocked.

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