Radha Mohan 16th April 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 16th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha praying to god that Mohan shouldn't come in front of her ever otherwise, she won't be able to handle herself.

Just then, Yug enters the room and asks him who is that and who shouldn't come in front of her, while Radha lies and says she is fine.

After that, Yug asks that she should be happy instead and Radha says she is happy hugging him while she remembers how Dadi calls her to warn that Yug loves her a lot and he shouldn't get to know about Mohan ever.

Meanwhile, Radha thinks Dadi must have some reason behind warning her but it's right that Yug and Mohan shouldn't meet.

There, Mohan prays to god to make him meet Radha and says how he has met Radha's Dadi today but she hasn't told him about Radha.

At the same time, Gungun overhears Mohan and gets tensed thinking that Radha and Mohan were about to meet each other today.

Further, she confronts Mohan that she was right as Mohan is in delhi because he wants to find Radha not because of her studies while Mohan confesses his feelings that he won't lie anymore but he really wants to meet Radha as she was an important part of their life and he can't forget her.

Meanwhile, Gungun says that but when Radha doesn't care about them then Mohan should also forget her and adds she was her mother but still left her and no mother does it.

However, Mohan stays adamant that he'll meet Radha to get answers of his questions while Gungun says if Mohan wants it then she'll go back to Vrindavan.

After that, Mohan says Gungun isn't adult yet to take decisions and he won't let her waste her life, while Gungun says that then why he isn't caring about his life as well.

There, Yug understands that Radha has lied to him and he vows to find that person who is responsible for Radha's tears and kill him.

Just then, Poonam comes and asks him to not try to find Radha's past as it can also reveal his past and if it happens Radha will leave him while Yug shuts her.

He asks Poonam to not ever talk about Radha leaving him otherwise, he'll forget that she is his mother.

Further, he gets firm to find Radha's past while Gungun reveals to Mohan that Radha has moved on after which Mohan asks if Gungun has met Radha.

However, she lies about it and says they aren't important to Radha while Mohan says he knows Radha would be waiting for him thus he'll meet her.

There, Gungun thinks Mohan doesn't know Radha's truth thus she has to stop them from meeting while Radha prays the same to god to not let her meet Mohan.

Meanwhile, Yug says to a sleeping Radha that he'll find the person who is responsible for Radha's lie and tears and kill him.

The next day, Mohan's family is ready to leave Meera's house and bids her bye asking her to keep coming to their home while Ketki stops Ajeet from telling Mohan about Radha 

At the same time, Gungun worries thinking finally they are going to become Radha's neighbors but she won't let Radha and Mohan meet.

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