Radha Mohan 17th April 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 17th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Meera saying she would come to their home whenever she wants while Gungun bids bye to her.

Further, she thinks that her fear is getting true and they're going to become Radha's neighbors but she has to stop Radha and Mohan from meeting each other.

There, Radha decides to take food for Mohan and his family as they are recently shifted and might be facing problem regarding cooking food, while Mohan feels someone is coming.

Meanwhile, Yug sees Radha going and thinks he loves Radha because she is perfect in everything but then why she lied to him.

He adds, he'll find the person who is responsible for her lie and kill him, while Radha rings the door bell and Mohan is about to go to open the door and Meera welcomes Radha.

After that, Radha tells Meera about bringing food to them after which Meera says Mohan doesn't like outside's food so it's good.

On the other hand, Kadambari sees Radha and thinks why Radha keeps coming in their lives and tries to go from there before she sees her through her wheelchair.

There, Gungun asks Mohan to answer her questions first while Mohan says he understands Gungun but he also needs the answers of his questions after which, Gungun says then Mohan should drop her back to Vrindavan as he only cares about Radha.

Meanwhile, Radha teases Meera saying she always smiles talking about Mohan and they should marry each other just then they listen to Mohan and Gungun's argument so Meera says that she can't make her meet Mohan right now while Radha sympathizes with Gungun for not having a mother.

However, Meera says that she always tries to fill the gap and goes to get sweets for Radha just then Kadambari tries to escape but falls from the wheelchair and Radha goes to help her.

Just then, Meera comes there and Radha can't see Kadambari and further, she gets to know about Kadambari being paralyzed in an accident.

Later, Meera feeds sweets to Radha while going back Radha finds their gods idols similar to Mohan's house but ignores it.

Further, she tells Meera that idols's position is wrong after which Meera asks her to tell her the right way to place them.

On the other hand, Manan wants to learn to cycle without side wheels but Yug refuses her as Radha will be angry while Radha fixes the position of the idols.

Meanwhile, Mohan leaves scolding Gungun so Radha can't meet him while Gungun thinks now no one can stop Radha and Mohan from meeting.

Outside, Mohan meets Yug and they discuss how parents love their children more than spouses but Yug disagrees with it and says he'll prove it to Mohan after which he asks Mohan to throw a house warming party and Mohan likes the idea.

Further, Mohan teaches Manan to drive cycle while Radha thinks about feeling emotional warmth in Mohan's house.

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