Radha Mohan 18th April 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 18th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha thinking why she felt homely at Mohan's house and why she is feeling Mohan's presence around her from few days.

Meanwhile, Yug thinks that is it possible that Radha loves Manan more than him so to checks it he first hurts himself with a plant, and then throws a pebble towards Manan's bicycle to make him fall.

After that, Manan cries for help to Radha while Radha and Mohan listens it and runs to save Manan.

However, Gungun stops Mohan and tries to distract him while Radha comes to Manan ignoring Yug and takes him inside.

There, Mohan sees Radha taking Manan inside from the back and feels bad while Gungun says that from now onwards she'll behave like a good girl.

Meanwhile, Mohan understands something is fishy so asks her the reason after which Gungun asks Mohan to not socialize with neighbors.

However, Mohan doesn't like it and says to Gungun that human nature is to socialize and build relationships so we can help each other in need.

He expresses how he also wants to throw house warming party as per Yug's suggestion just then Meera comes there and likes the idea and says it'll be good for his business too as the people in Delhi will get to know about him 

She adds, she will prepare for the party while Gungun is tensed, after which Radha is calming Manan and Yug sees her in a shock.

After that, Radha decides to bring first aid kit for Manan while she sees Yug is also injured and worries after which Yug says he and Manan are injured at the same time but she didn't gave attention to him.

Further, Radha says she just didn't notice Yug and goes to bring first aid kit while Yug tries to calm himself saying that Radha just didn't notice him but now she'll take care of him first.

However, Radha treats Manan's wound then goes to Yug which makes him frustrated after which Radha says to her that for parents their kids are more important and Yug thinks that Radha is the most important for him.

Later, he turns his attitude to joke so Radha don't be upset with him after which Radha asks Manan why he removed side wheels so he reveals Mohan did it.

After that, Radha goes to confront him at the same time Mohan goes to Kohli's house to give the invitation of the patty much to Gungun's dismay.

There, Radha meets Meera and complains to her about Mohan while Mohan apologizes that due to him Manan got injured and gives him the invitation for masquerade party.

Further, Ketki and Ajeet gets to know that Radha is their neighbor and Yug's wife while Ajeet thinks they should reveal it to Mohan but Gungun stops them.

On the other hand, Manan make Radha realize that it wasn't Mohan's fault so Radha decides to make cake for him as an apology but Mohan tells Yug he likes Kheer which makes Radha remember of Mohan.

At the same time, Mohan listens to Radha's voice on the call.

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