Udne Ki Aasha 28th March 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 28th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Sachin consoling Paresh after which Paresh gives a warning to Tejas and asks him to follow his instructions if he wants the retirement money.

On the other hand, Shobha recalls everything that happened with Sayali and gets confused about whether she should fix Sayali’s wedding or not.

After that, she serves dinner to Sayali while she asks Shobha to have dinner along with them but she keeps on doing work.

Then, Sayali brings her and asks what does she wants to tell after which she is about to tell the thing that is going on in her mind.

Just then, Dilip comes there after which Sayali asks him if she should serve him dinner after which he tells her that he will eat after some time.

Dilip sits along with them whereas Shobha tells Sayali that she is worried for her as she cannot see Shudhakar misbehaving with her every time which provokes Dilip’s anger and he is about to beat him.

Sayali stops him after which Shobha asks her to marry Tejas but Sayali refuses and says that before marrying there are so many responsibilities that she has to fulfill before marrying.

She tells Shobha that unless Juhi and Dilip’s education gets completed she won’t marry after which Juhi asks Sayali to marry as she will look after the home.

Juhi tells her that she can give tuition or do babysitting work which hurts Sayali and she asks her to focus on her studies.

Then, Juhi tells everyone that Sayali is doing part-time babysitting work at the Principal’s house so that he can give admission back to Dilip.

Dilip feels embarrassed and asks Sayali if it is correct after which Sayali tells them that no work is small or big.

Shobha asks her to focus on her life instead of doing work every time after which Sayali tells her that Dilip and Juhi are her life and she wants to do everything for them.

On the other hand, Tejas meets Isha and tells her that Paresh has fixed his wedding with someone else which breaks Isha’s heart.

Then, he assures Isha that he won’t marry Sayali and promises her that she will make her his wife which makes Isha feel good.

Later, on the next day, Tejas receives a call from Isha so he leaves his breakfast and receives her call after which she asks him to come to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Sachin and Sayali again get involved in an argument as Sayali while doing dishes gets water spilled on Sachin’s shirt and he yells at her.

His friend stops him after which he serves the poha to them and Sachin’s friend praises the poha made by Sayali but Sachin makes fun of it.

On the other hand, Isha tells Tejas that she is pregnanat which surprises Tejas and he is not able to believe it.

Meanwhile, Sayali’s scooter stops working after which Sachin asks if he can help her but she starts the scooter on her own.

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