Udne Ki Aasha 30th March 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 30th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sayali asking god who will marry a man like Sachin as he always does weird things.

On the other hand, Tejas comes to Isha’s house and tells her everything that Paresh is ready to give him the money but in return he wants him to marry Sayali.

Isha asks him if he will marry her after which he tells her that he won’t do it then she says that he is doing wrong with Sayali.

Tejas tells her that he will refuse to marry her once he gets the money in his hand then he will go along with her to Hyderabad.

Isha hugs him and smirks whereas Sachin receives a call from the goons that they have kidnapped Sayali after which Sachin becomes worried for her.

Meanwhile, the Goons bring Sayali to a godown and tell her that they will take their revenge on her after which Sayali asks for help but no one is there.

One of the goons holds a hammer and terrifies Sayali with it after which she asks him if he wants to marry her then he will come to her house and ask for Rishta from her mother.

Then, he scolds her for arguing with him and pushes her after which she falls but Sachin comes there as Sayali’s savior.

After entering the godown he beats the goons while Sayali hides behind the wall and tries to escape from there.

Meanwhile, Sachin handles the goon and Sayali receives a call from Juhi so she goes back while Sachin murmurs that he wore a helmet because he does not want any police case.

Later, Sayali reaches home after which Shobha asks her where she then Sayali tells her that she was busy at work.

Shobha asks her if she is hiding something from them while Dilip asks her where she came then she tells him that she came from the back way of society.

Sayali asks Juhi to give her water while Shobha asks her to tell the truth then Sayali tells everything to her family.

She asks Shobha to not get terrified after which Shobha insists she say yes to her marriage with Tejas otherwise she will see her dead face.

After that, Sayali gets convinced and decides to marry Tejas which lightens up Shobha’s face after which she calls Paresh and tells him that Sayali has said yes to the marriage.

Paresh asks Sayali to call him Baba and he goes to the temple for blessings the next day, Paresh meets Sachin and tells him that whenever he sings then he remembers his mother.

After that, Paresh asks Sachin to come along with them to fix Tejas’s Rishta with Sayali but he refuses to come.

Sachin tells him that he is not interested in all these things whereas Shobha asks Sayali to go parlor and have a makeover.

Sayali refuses and says that she does not want to change herself for anyone and decides to stay the way she is.

Just then, Paresh and his family reach there after which Shobha greets and welcomes everyone in the house.

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