Anupama: Aarush's truth to be exposed

Anupama: Aarush's truth to be exposed

In the forthcoming episode of Anupama, the truth about Aarush and his filthy deeds will be exposed in front of everyone.

Dimpy meets Titu who happens to see Pakhi with Aarush and turns out he knows him.

He shows his concern saying Pakhi shouldn't be friends with Aarush as he is not a good man and is involved in various scams.

Dimpy asks Pakhi to be careful and look out for herself which offenses Pakhi and she refuses to ponder over it. 

Dimpy, Kavya, and Vanraj team up to unveil Aarush's truth, making Pakhi witness the truth, and make a call for herself.

What will happen next? Will Pakhi make the right choice?

Stay tuned to await Pakhi's choice.

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