Anupama 14th April 2024 Written Update

Anupama 14th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anupama and the Shah family praying to god when Hasmukh asks her to blow the shankha since she is going to the battleground.

Anupama does so and later, they have breakfast.

Leela asks everyone to pray properly for return while she sees Anupama reading the diary she has given her.

Just, Pakhi goes somewhere when Anupama asks where is she going when she tells her that she is going to get waxed Vanraj asks Toshu to drop her off while Kinjal says that she got the appointment fixed and Pakhi is telling the truth.

Then, Ishani comes there saying she feels cold when Anupama checks and finds out that she has a fever.

Pakhi asks Ishani to take medicine from Kinjal and rest when Anupama asks her to take care of her kid which irritates Pakhi and she goes away.

Leela takes care of Ishani as Anupama leaves for her show.

On the other hand, Anuj is about to leave for work when Shruti and Aadya come there, saying sorry to him but he seems angry when they both sing for him.

He tells her to understand that he too is a man and he cannot switch his emotions in a snap and ask them to trust him and he will handle his grief in his way, that is all that he is asking for.

Concurrently, the competition starts when the judges say that today it is going to be very tough.

They give the instructions while Anuj recalls swearing on Aady not to help Spice and Chutney as wishes that someone help the restaurant.

Concurrently, the contestants are instructed that they can ask for help from the audience while Anuj gets a text to meet Hitachi Wang on his com[oany’s behalf at a studio.

The competition begins and Anuj reaches the studio to meet the chef who happens to be in the same studio where Anupama is he goes inside and sits in the audience.

There, Anupama finds it tough to open the can and thinks of an alternative written in the Diary Leela had given her.

The judges keep putting pressure on the contestants as one of the contestants asks for an audience’s help which makes Anuj think that he too can help Anupama if she needs it.

She is half done with her dist and thinks that she needs the can to be opened or she will not be able to complete it when she thinks that she can ask the audience for help and thinks who should she ask.

Just then, Anuj calls her to help her and he opens the can while she takes it to the counter.

The can slips from her hands and it falls. Just then, the time gets up and she proceeds to pick the food saying that it is disrespectful to keep food on the floor.

On the flip side, Aarush takes Pakhi to a hotel room and asks him to set up her business there.

He suggests celebrating her business in advance and they have champagne.

Back at the setup, Anupama presents her dish to the judges when she explains her dish in Hindi which makes the judges ask her to speak in English.

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