Anupama 22nd March 2024 Written Update

Anupama 22nd March 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Pakhi meeting Kinjal and they are happy to see each other while she inquires about Ishani and gets to know that she is coming with Mahi.

She later meets Leela and Vanraj where he asks her if Adhik is bothering her but she says no.

Later the kids enter the house and Hasmukh asks her to identify them while Anupama hugs them and gets emotional seeing Ansh.

She wards off evil eyes from them while Ansh says to her that she is very pretty.

Anupama introduces Pari to the kids and they have a group hug and Mahi says hello to Vanraj but he does not reply and meets Ansh and Ishani ignoring Mahi.

Meanwhile, Kavya comes and meets Anupama and Dimpy as they hug each other and cry tears of happiness as Dimpy tells her that they missed her so much while Vanraj asks them to stop crying as Dimpy and Kavya meet Kinjal.

Pakhi asks about Toshu as Kinjal says that she should have brought Adhik too and they get to know that Pakhi and Adhik are separated.

Anupama tries to inquire more about it but Pakhi asks why she cares now when she didn't care about her earlier.

Leela and Hasmukh ask them to stop fighting. Concurrently, Anuj, Aadya, and Shruti have a meal as Aadya asks Anuj for permission to have a night over as he asks her if boys are also there, to which she says yes.

He hesitates but Shruti says that she will take care of everything and he agrees.

He says he is getting late for the office while Shruti says that she will miss him and asks him if he will accompany her to see wedding venues while he agrees and he leaves.

On the other hand, the kids play in the house as Anupama gets very excited and she tells Hasmukh that can't believe that everyone is together as it feels like a dream.

He expresses how he felt when she was gone and he always wanted to meet her but since she didn't want to meet anyone he tried not to meet her.

She too cries and says that she too wanted to meet him but she had her trust broken about relationships.

He asks her not to lose confidence and courage and says that he wants her name on the Time Square.

Meanwhile, Pakhi gets a call and it turns out to be Aadya's while she invites her to the night over.

Back at the house, Vanraj adores Ansh as Mahi feels left out and Kavya pampers her as Anupama notices this while Hasmukh asks her not to worry much about it.

Subsequently, Aadya and Pakhi talk to each other and crash into each other while Aadya recognizes Pakhi and thinks to herself that she must have come to meet Anupama since she is her real daughter.

They get into an argument while Hasmukh tells everything to Anupama as she gets worried.

Later, she goes to the restaurant and finds Yashdeep tensed and he asks if her family is here and she tells him everything.

She suggests he have a Holi theme menu as Yashdeep gets a call while Beeji asks him to tell everyone everything.

Later, Kavya and Dimpy visit Anupama while they talk.

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