Anupama 24th March 2024 Written Update

Anupama 24th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with everyone celebrating as Beeji says that she feels good seeing everyone there for Holi while Leela and Beeji again keep on their obvious banter as Yashdeep asks them if they will be there for the Holi celebration.

Meanwhile, Beeji serves the welcome drink as Leela suspects that the drink has alcohol, when Beeji says that it's not like that.

Just then, Hasmukh points a water gun at Beeji which scares her but later she realizes that it's just a toy and Hasmukh apologizes.

On the other hand, Kinjal is at her meeting as she feels someone else is there too but continues her meeting.

Back at the party, Anupama introduces Hasmukh to Beej ss he gets very friendly with her which makes Leela jealous.

Back at the house, Kinjal sees someone's shadow behind her and she gets worried.

Concurrently, they celebrate Holika Dehen as they walk around the fire and pray to God for something they want.

Anupama sees Anuj, Aadya, and Shruti joining the celebration as Aadya gets irritated and insists on going back while Shruti says it's fine.

Pakhi sees Aadya and realizes that she is Chhoti and Vanraj meets Shruti and Aadya as he says that he should have come there a little earlier.

Anuj also greets everyone there and Anupama goes inside as she wonders why Kinjal is not receiving the call while Shruti comes inside.

Anupama asks her if everything is fine as Aadya comes and says that she wants to pray for Shruti and Anuj's married life and takes Shruti away from there.

In the meantime, Vanraj comes there and says that she is lonely while everyone else's family is complete and she says she has her courage with her and leaves.

Anupama wishes that everything goes well while Kinjal is still in her house and ends her meeting.

She wanders around to check if someone is there when someone suddenly grabs her from behind.

On the flip side, Anupama gets worried about Kinjal as Aadya asks Anuj and Shruti to go and eventually loses her temper and gets into an argument with Pakhi.

Hasmukh asks Pakhi to behave as she is older and Anupama tries to stop her.

Pakhi says that she has always pampered Aadya and that is why she has no manners and Yashdeep respectfully asks them to leave.

As they start going, Anupama trips near the fire and Anuj gets his hand free from Aadya's to save her but Yashdeep catches her before and he apologizes for whatever happened.

They proceed to eat and Anupama tries to connect to Kinjal while the robbers have tied Kinjal's hands and mouth while they search the entire house.

They ask Kinjal about Toshu's whereabouts and Kinjal replies that he ran away and pleads in front of them to let her go.

Subsequently, Anuj scolds Aadya for what she did and reminds her of what all Anupama has done for her.

In the meantime, Anupama, Kavya, and Dimpy reach the house to find Kinjal tied up.

They rescue her as she hugs Anupama tightly thanking her for coming there, and tells her that they have warned her to return the money by tomorrow.

Anupama decides to bring Toshu back and plans something with Kavya and Dimpy.

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