Anupama 26th March 2024 Written Update

Anupama 26th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anupama doing Pooja as she says that today is going to be a tough day and wishes that everything goes fine as the plan she and Kinjal have made us only known by Dimpy and Kavya.

Meanwhile, Leela comes and asks Kinjal to switch on the hot water tap and enters the room while everyone laughs seeing her.

She asks them what is wrong and Kinjal shows her the front camera while Hasmukh makes fun of her.

Anupama brings breakfast for everyone while Ansh pretends to shoot Kinjal with a water gun and she takes it from his hand and throws it away.

It reminded her of the robbers while Ansh us clueless about why Kinjal did this.

Anupama covers saying it was just a prank and they go on celebrating Holi.

They apply colors on Vanraj first despite him not wanting to play as Mahi says that if Vanraj doesn't want then we shouldn't bother him.

The kids go from there as he sees himself in the mirror as he sees Mahi standing there.

He goes to her asking if she won't apply colors to him while he does so as Kavya and Anupama get happy seeing this.

Nahi tells Kavya that she is very happy and Kavya says that she too is happy to see her happy. Concurrently, Toshu calls Vanraj.

Elsewhere, the setup has been done for Holi while Yashdeep is in tension with the restaurant closing up while Beeji suggests telling everyone the truth.

He refuses and one of his staff members comes and asks that Yashdeep look a little worried while Beeji says that he will have to be worried if the Pani Puri doesn't get finished.

Anupama and the family enter the function recalling her plans for bringing back Toshu.

They meet everyone and apply color to each other's faces. Kinjal warns the kids to stay close as Yashdeep senses some tension in Anupama's face.

Meanwhile, the hosts introduce Titu as the dancer for the day.

He gives his performance which upsets Vanraj as he comes and takes everyone's blessings. Meanwhile, Anuj comes there and meets Anupama while Titu finishes off his performance.

Anupama and Kinjal keep looking for the robbers.

Later, Pakhi meets Aarush and makes Leeta meet him telling her that he is a green card holder here and soon to be a business partner.

On the other hand, Kinjal makes sure that the kids stay close by while Anuj wishes the family a happy Holi while Shruti sees it and drinks thandai.

Anuj hears Yashdeep wishing Anupama a happy Holi while Titu comes and asks Anupama to dance with him.

She starts to join and eventually, everyone joins her and dances their hearts out. Anupama recalls her playing with Anuj in the past as Anuj dances with the kids.

Meanwhile, Shruti dances with Anuj as he brings her aside and she hugs him.

Anupama sees them and gets a little insecure while Leela interrupts Pakhi and Aarush talking.

There, Hasmukh convinces Vanraj to agree to Titu's and Dimpy's relationship while Titu is on his way to apply color to Dimpy as Vanraj sees him and follows him.

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