Anupama 29th March 2024 Written Update

Anupama 29th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Toshu recalling Pari asking him not to leave as he requests Anuj to take him out of the jail saying if he goes to jail then it will humiliate Kinjal and Pari a lot.

The guard tells Anuj that his time is up to meet Toshu and he must leave as Toshu stands there crying, begging for help.

Meanwhile, Pari hugs Anupama asking where Toshu is, which leaves her quiet while she asks if he is in jail.

Anupama tells her that he made a mistake and it is just his punishment.

Right then, Kavya comes while Anupama feels bad and cries saying she died a thousand times taking him to jail but she had no way out.

Kavya consoles her and hugs her while Anuj talks to Mr. Zaveri to take the case back.

He agrees and he proceeds to inform Anupama about it when Shruti starts talking in her sleep.

She says that she loves him a lot and knows that he does love her back but still she loves him.

She even asks him to move on and let Anupama move into her life.

The next day, Leela asks Anupama about Toshu and she says that she will call the police station.

Leela asks her if she won't go to meet him as Vanraj taunts her saying they her restaurant is more important to her while Toshu comes in the door.

Everyone is shocked to see Toshu there as he enters and tells everyone that Anuj asked Mr. Zaveri to take the case back and adds that his own family didn't come to help him but Anuj did.

She asks him about the robbers and the money he has to return while Vanraj asks her if she is not happy to see Toshu.

Toshu goes in explaining how bad the jail was while Pari comes and hugs Toshu saying that she missed him.

In the meantime, Shruti wakes up from a hangover and asks Anuj if she did something embarrassing in front of everyone while she was intoxicated.

Anuj fools around but finally reveals that she did nothing which cracks them both up. Shruti hugs him saying that she has found a family with him and Aadya.

Meanwhile, he reaches his office and finds Anupama there and she asks him why he bailed him as Anuj says that it's because it hurt her.

She asks him if it was her problem and he goes to jail because of his mistakes.

He replies that punishment should be given only to the culprit but why others should go through the punishment?

He adds that he knows that she feels the pain to see Kinjal and Pari going through this situation and whatever might be the case but he can't see Anupama upset.

She leaves there and Anuj talks to himself that he can see her angry but not in pain.

Concurrently, Anupama tells it all to Yashdeep as she suddenly gets reminded that he is about to say something about the restaurant.

He proceeds to tell her about the loan while Vikram comes telling that her subscribers are falling constantly and suggests participating in a competition that will make her popular.

Subsequently, he thinks that it's not the right time to tell Anupama about the restaurant.

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