Anupama 30th March 2024 Written Update

Anupama 30th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Yashdeep talking to Mr.Walia asking for a loan to save his restaurant.

Anupama overhears this conversation and the glass falls from his hands while Yashdeep says that he wanted to tell her this but couldn't.

He feels helpless and goes from there recalling the day she came here and every memory she has made since then.

She goes into the kitchen while thinking about this.

Elsewhere, Toshu goes to Kinjal but Kinjal is not happy and he asks her if she is not happy to see him but she doesn't answer.

He tries to talk to her and later she bursts out at her saying that he has been making mistakes for a long time and hasn't become even a little responsible so she is not going to get sad over him leaving and happy over him returning.

She counts all the things he has done including theft, deceiving Anupama, and fleeing away and he is here asking her if she is happy to see him.

She adds that he is the reason the robbers are threatening her again and again to return the money.

He says sorry when she says that they were better in India and shouts at Rishi before she leaves the room.

He gets angry at himself and starts to cry. Back at the restaurant, Anupama recollects Yashdeep's conversation and tells him that they can't let the restaurant shut down anyhow.

It is precious for everyone as it's Yashpal's dream, Beeji's hard work, and for her, it's her home.

Yashdeep asks Anupama not to worry as she will easily get a job anywhere else when Anupama pledges to save spice and chutney.

Concurrently, Toshu meets Anuj and thanks him for everything he did for him.

Toshu says that he understood him when his mother did not and she did wrong with him.

Anuj asks him not to utter a word about Anupama and informs him that he is fired.

Toshu promises to work wisely but he does not listen and sends him off telling him not to choose the wrong path again in life.

Toshu says that Anupama has become the biggest problem of his life when Aadya overhears him and says that she agrees.

Toshu meets Aadya and they agree on the fact that Anupama is the biggest problem of their lives while Toshu asks Aadya to request Anuj to keep him at work so he won't repeat his mistake ever again.

She refuses and leaves. Meanwhile, Shruti finds a nuptial chain in Anuj's cupboard and gets excited to see it and thinks it is very sweet of him.

She thinks to herself that after a few more days she will become his wife.

Later she wears the chain and shows it to Anuj saying that she loves it and couldn't resist wearing it when he tells her that it's Anupama's and she shouldn't wear it again.

On the other hand, Leela worries about whatever is going on in Toshu's life and cries about her luck being bad.

Hasmukh asks her not to be hopeless and holds her hand and walks away.

At the same time, Anuj is sorry for reacting that way and Shruti suggests letting go of the memories.

On the flip side, Anupama talks to Titu about him marrying Dimpy and he says that he loves her and needs her blessings for marrying her.

Just then Vanraj comes there and disapproves of their wedding.

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