Imlie 14th April 2024 Written Update

Imlie 14th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Pallavi scolding Imlie and asking her to not break her daughter's wedding after which Imlie's uncle scolds Pallavi.

Imlie's cousin scolds Pallavi and asks Imlie to start her new life with Surya after which she returns along with Surya back to Reddy's house.

After reaching there, Imlie receives a grand welcome from Appa which makes Indira feel bad and she asks Appa to throw Imlie away from the house.

Appa ji does not listen to her and tells everyone that he will consider Imlie as his daughter after which Indira asks Appa to instruct Imlie to take back F.I.R. against Surya.

Imlie refuses to do so and says that she wants to teach Surya a lesson so that he cannot repeat the same mistake in the future after which Appa asks Surya and Imlie to relax in their room.

Surya and Imlie go back to the room while Imlie is about to fall but Surya protects her and asks her to be careful because she donated two units of blood to him.

Imlie asks him to look after his health but Surya tells her that he wants to thank her after which she also thanks him for saving her life and Bulbul's rishta.

She tells Surya that things will never change between them because of him three people are suffering after which Surya tells her that he will try his best to sort out the things.

Just then, Sweta calls Surya and asks if he fought with Anjali because, from the time she returned home, she has locked herself inside a room.

Sweta asks him to come there after which he goes there while Appa asks Nirmala to call Surya but she asks how can he come after having so much of allegations from Imlie.

Appa taunts her for thinking so much for Surya after which Appa asks Malti to call Imlie but she refuses and says that Imlie cannot eat along with them after which Arjun goes to call Imlie.

He convinces Imlie and asks her to eat along with them after which Imlie asks him why he always calls her Imlie bro so he tells her that it is his way of calling his beloved person.

Then, Imlie comes downstairs along with him while Indira says that she won't eat at the same table at which Imlie is eating because she has questioned her motherhood after making allegations against Surya.

Imlie asks Indira to eat along with the family and she goes from there whereas Surya asks Anjali to open the door but she refuses after which he breaks the door and scolds her.

Anjali cries after which Surya tells her that everything is over between them and says that now he is Imlie's husband and asks her to not repeat this thing in the future.

Imlie eats inside the kitchen after which Malti and Nirmala taunt her while Anjali convinces Surya to sit along with her for the last time after which she offers him juice.      

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