Imlie 15th April 2024 Written Update

Imlie 15th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Arjun telling Surya that Imlie hasn't eaten anything so he asks him to feed her.

Surya gets angry and asks what the problem with the ladies is, after which he goes inside the room along with the food but he collides with a vase because the lights are switched off after which Imlie wakes up and thinks that the thief has come inside.

She yells after which Surya tells her that it is him and he tells her that he has bought dinner for her but Imlie senses some kind of smell from him and she thinks that he has been drunk.

Imlie yells at him after which Surya tries to justify himself but Imlie does not listen to him so Surya decides to go from there but he finds that the door has been locked.

Surya tries to open the door but it does not open after which Imlie says that he has done it intentionally to do something wrong with her which makes Surya feel ashamed and he asks Imlie why he thinks so badly for him.

Imlie does not say anything after which Surya jumps from the window of the room and gets injured while Imlie gets shocked and she goes to see him.

Till then, other family members also comes there to save Surya and they take Surya to the hospital while Imlie does not says anything as she stands away from there.

Later, Indira calls Arjun and asks updates for Surya so he tells her that they are bringing him back in a few minutes which makes Indira feel good.

Just then, Imlie asks about him after which Indira yells at her and asks her what happened that Surya fell from the window and she blames Imlie for it.

Imlie tells her what ever happened after which Nirmala manipulates Indira and says that Imlie would have tried to pull him but Surya comes there on time and tells everyone that Imlie has not done anything wrong.

Indira asks Surya why is he defending Imlie after which Surya makes Indira sits on the sofa and tells her that Imlie thought he was drunk so to make her feel safe he jumped from the window.

After that, Indira asks Imlie why always does such things to make Surya feel bad but he requests Indira to not say anything to Imlie.

Indira tells Imlie that she has done very good parenting of Surya to make Imlie realize that Surya isn't a bad guy after which everyone goes from there.

Meanwhile, Surya and Imlie also go into their room after which Surya takes out his clothes from almirah to have a bath but he is not able to do the things as his one hand has been injured.

Then, Imlie irons Surya's shirt but Surya pulls her legs by saying that she needs to learn how to iron the clothes properly after which Imlie goes from there and Indira asks her to always give Surya and her family priority in life.

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