Imlie 16th April 2024 Written Update

Imlie 16th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Imli washing clothes after which Hemlata asks her if she can help her.

Imlie refuses and says that she will do it on her own while Nirmala puts Imlie’s pictures in Surya’s pocket and gives shirts to Imlie for washing.

Then, Imlie puts the shirts in water and she notices her photos after which Nirmala tells Malti in front of Imlie that Surya always keeps Imlie’s photos in his pocket.

Nirmala says that Surya does not seem to be romantic but by keeping Imlie’s photo he proves that he likes Imlie which provokes Imlie’s anger.

Malti also adds fuel to the fire and says that’s why Surya was drunk last night so that he can have some romance with Imlie.

After that, Imlie goes from there while Surya calls Anjali and asks her what she mixed in the juice last night after which Anjali lies to him that she didn’t mix anything.

Then, Surya tells her that he had a fracture last night after which Anjali decides to come there and she cuts the call while Surya tries to call her.

Meanwhile, Hemlata meets Imlie and asks her to not think about the things that Malti and Nirmala were discussing and after that, she goes from there.

Imlie murmurs that she does not trust Surya while he comes there but he collides and falls over Imlie which makes her angry and she slaps him.

She tells him that nothing can happen between him and her for the next seven births after which she goes from there while Arjun overhears their conversation.

Afterwards, Imlie goes to her room and cries in a corner remembering the things that happened to her while Surya gets confused about why Imlie slapped him.

Till then, Anjali comes there to see Surya and brings sweets for him after which he asks her to not try to come into his life again and again.

Anjali asks him whether Imlie likes him as much as she loves and cares for him after which Surya bursts over Anjali and asks her to not interrupt his married life.

Later, Arjun goes into the kitchen and notices that Imlie cuts her finger while cutting the vegetables after that Arjun tells her that Surya went against his whole family to marry her.

Arjun indirectly tries to tell Imlie that Surya isn’t a bad person after which he asks her to understand Surya after which she tries to justify himself.

Meanwhile, Arjun tells Imlie that everyone except ladies gets terrified of Surya and he tells Imlie that he made Imlie his bro so early.

Imlie tells him that he didn’t see what happened outside but Arjun tells her that he was there only after which Imlie goes to talk to Surya.

Surya packs his luggage and says that he will live in Arjun’s room after which Imlie asks him why didn’t tell her that he came last night to give her food.

She says that if he doesn’t tell her the things then she will misunderstand him after which she asks him to slap her but he refuses and goes from there because Indira calls him.

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