Imlie 17th April 2024 Written Update

Imlie 17th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with the Imli and Reddy family coming to the Bhosale family’s Ram Navami event.

After reaching there, they receive a warm welcome and the Bhosale Family asks Imli and Surya to sit together but Imlie makes weird faces after sitting along with Surya.

She murmurs which irritates Surya and he decides to leave the function after which Imlie follows him and asks him why he is returning.

Surya tells her that he cannot listen to her nonsense talks after which he is about to go from there but notices that a pillar is about to fall on Imlie so he runs to save her.

After that, he saves her while Imlie also asks for an apology from him for slapping him after which Surya asks her to hate him again after which Imlie expresses her grief.

Imlie tells him that she never wanted to maintain a relationship with him but due to circumstances she married him after that she also tells him that all of her hopes have vanished.

Then, Surya becomes angry and asks her to keep quiet instead of murmuring every time and he tells Imlie that he does not expect anything from her.

He tells Imlie that his life will not be easy because he married a woman who will hate him for his whole life.

After that, he goes from there while Imlie does not say anything in return and she goes inside and joins the function.

Later, Imlie sings Ram bhajan when Sita-Ram milan takes place during the act which is performed by Reva and Ishaan.

Meanwhile, Reva does not deliver dialogue after which Imlie asks Savi to deliver dialogue from behind after which Savi delivers Sita’s dialogue in front of everyone which makes Imlie remind of Augustya and she gets emotional.

Afterward, Imlie meets Savi in alone and tries to make her realize that she has love hidden inside her heart for Ishaan.

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