Imlie 22nd March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 22nd March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie starts with Imli promising Dadi that she is ready to marry Surya because Dadi does not take the injection.

After that, she goes to meet Surya and tells him about this after that she tells him that tomorrow she will wear a bridal dress and come to the temple for a wedding but she asks him to not come there.

Surya asks her what is she saying after which she tells him that she has nothing to give him because she gave all her love and affection to Augusta.

Imli says that she does not want to do any injustice to him so she requests him to not come there because that marriage will ruin their future.

After that, she goes from there and packs her luggage and asks Sonali to keep it with her whereas Malti asks Nirmala if Surya will marry Imlie for sure.

Malti says that Imlie ruined her life after which Nirmala says that Surya never listens to her after which Malti calls her aunt for help because Surya only listens to her.

Meanwhile, her aunt is busy in her meeting whereas Surya gets ready for the wedding along with Imlie while she also gets ready for the wedding.

Imlie isn't happy as she recalls the day when she married Augustya which brings tears to her eyes after that she comes out while Surya also comes there.

Surya looks at Imlie while Dadi wishes for their happy married life after which Malti asks Dadi to reach the temple along with Imlie as she will bring Surya.

Dadi asks her what happened after which she tells her that her family has a few rituals for the groom so she will bring him after it.

Imlie murmurs that she does not want Surya to come there after which goes from there and meets her friends and tells them that she is going away which makes her friends sad.

They tell her that they will miss her after which she tells them that she will keep calling them after that she goes from there but her friend gets injured by Surya's aunt's car.

Imlie argues with Surya's aunt and asks them to take her friend to the hospital but she refuses and asks her brother-in-law to give some money to Imlie so that she can go away from there.

He throws away money at her face after which he goes while Imlie chases them and punctures the tire of their car which makes him angry and comes out of the car.

Surya's aunt also comes out of the car and yells at Imlie but Imlie also gives a befitting reply to her and goes from there saying that if she wants respect then she should learn how to respect others.

In the meantime, Surya receives a call from Dadi and he is about to go to the temple but his aunt comes there and stops him from going there.  

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