Imlie 23rd March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 23rd March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Imlie hoping that Surya won't come temple for the wedding and she prays to God for it.

Meanwhile, Surya reaches Chaudhary's mansion along with the Reddy family to stop him from marrying Imlie which makes Surya shocked to see her there.

Surya asks her why she came there after which she asks him if she cannot come then Surya says that he doesn't mean to say that after that his aunt says that Malti has informed everything to her.

After that, Surya gives a weird look to Malti which makes her feel embarrassed whereas their aunt taunts him for not telling her anything.

Then, Surya tries to justify himself and says that circumstances made him do this thing after which his aunt asks him to inform her at least once so that she can manage the situation.

His aunt asks Nirmala why didn't she do anything to stop the wedding after which Nirmala tells her that nothing was in her hand after that his aunt orders him to not marry Imlie.

Surya tells her that he cannot say now because he has promised Dadi for it after which his aunt says that she won't let him marry a widow and assure him that she will handle everything.

Meanwhile, Pandit Ji asks Dadi to call Surya as he is getting late so Dadi asks Rajni to call Surya but he does not pick up the call which makes Chaudries anxious.

Imlie feels happy as Surya didn't come after which Sonali asks her if she forced Surya to not come there while Imlie does not say anything and goes from there.

On the other hand, Surya goes to his room and recalls that he promised Dadi that he would marry Imlie while at the same time, he cannot say no to his aunt which makes him confused.

Anyhow, keeping his confusion aside he decides to marry Imlie when the auspicious time for the wedding passes away after which Imlie tries to manipulate Dadi by saying that he will not come because he is not interested in marrying her.

She tells Dadi that her happiness lies in them so she asks her to not force her to marry Surya after which Dadi gets convinced and they are about to go back but suddenly Surya arrives there.

Dadi becomes happy to see him there after which the wedding proceeds which makes Imlie sad but for Dadi's happiness she cannot refuse to marry him.

Both get married and they take blessings of everyone while Dadi and Sonali ask him to take care of Imlie because she is so innocent.

Surya assures them he will always take care of Imlie and never let her feel alone whereas Surya's aunt is unaware that he has married Imlie while she conducts the Pooja at Chaudary mansion for its purification.

She asks Malti to call Surya whereas Imlie yells at him for snatching Augustya's name from her by marrying her while he stands still.

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