Imlie 24th March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 24th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Imli crying and complaining to Surya for snatching her right to be called Augustya's wife.

Surya tells her that he promised Dadi that he would marry her after which Imli taunts him that after marrying a widow like her he just trying to become good.

She yells at him after which he is about to tell the truth but he recalls that he promised Dadi that he will never tell Augustya's demise truth to her.

After that, he returns home while his aunt concludes the pooja at home whereas Surya forgets his phone in the car so he goes to bring it.

His aunt comes to the main door and notices Imlie after which she recalls her disrespect and asks Imlie what is she doing there.

Imlie asks what are they doing in this house while Surya's aunt tells her that it is her house after that Malti comes there and asks Imlie why she came back.

Surya's aunt asks Malti if she knows her then she tells her that Imlie is the woman because Raghu is in jail and Surya is about to marry her.

Just then, Malti notices vermillion on Imlie's forehead and she asks if she has married Surya Surya comes there and tells his Tai that he has married Imlie.

Tai gets shocked and Aarti Thaal falls from her hands and she goes from there while Surya comes behind her and asks for an apology from her.

He tells Tai that he has taken responsibility for Imlie after which Tai yells at him and says that he would have told her then she could have arranged better things for Imlie's future.

After that, Surya's other aunt asks if the Chaudhary family forced him to marry Imlie after which he tells her that there is nothing like that while his Tai does not accept his marriage.

Tai goes and tells Imlie that she won't let her harm Surya and also says that the Reddy family will never accept her whereas Nirmala tells Imlie that Indira Tai is very polite.

Nirmala asks Imlie to leave the house but Imlie does not go whereas Indira tells Surya that Chaudaries have put the baggage of the widow on him.

Imlie takes the side of the Chaudhary family after which Indira taunts her whereas Nirmala tells Imlie that she also lost her husband a few years ago but she hasn't married again.

She asks Imlie why she did another marriage while Surya takes a stand for Imlie after which his uncle asks to think about their image in the society. 

Reddy family strictly tells that they will not accept Imlie after which Surya holds Imlie's hand and decides to leave the family whereas Imlie asks him to go back to his family.

After that, Imlie receives a call from Dadi so she receives her call and Dadi asks what is going on there after which Imlie lies to them that the Reddy family is very good and they are taking care of her.  

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