Imlie 28th March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 28th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Imlie giving a befitting reply to the guests when they demean her while Surya feels proud of her when Imlie takes stand for her.

Just then, Indira also takes a stand for Imlie And asks the guests to not say wrong things at good times after which they go from there.

Meanwhile, Nirmala also feels ashamed and she goes from there whereas Surya asks Imlie why did she gave answers to guests.

He asks if in place of Indira, Dadi was there then also she would have done the same after which Imlie tells him that Dadi would have thrown them out of the house in the first place.

Then, Indira comes there and taunts Imlie for taking a stand for her sasural and explains to her to behave like a good daughter-in-law instead of arguing with people every day.

Imlie asks her if she thinks that she is not equal to Surya after which Indira says that there is no comparison between diamond and coal which breaks Imlie’s heart.

Indira asks Inlie to not create further chaos in the house and goes from there after which she meets Nirmala and scolds her for the same.

Meanwhile, Hemalata sings a song and dances while cooking while Imlie notices her dancing after which Hemlata becomes nervous and milk falls from her hands.

Imlie asks her not to be nervous after which she asks her if she is a professional dancer then Hemlata tells her that she has won many awards for her dance.

Then, Imlie asks her to follow her passion while Indira comes there and tells Imlie that Hemlata has been married now that’s why she has stopped dancing.

She says that due to Hemlata’s sacrifice today, her husband is in a good position after which Imlie taunts Indira to not discriminate between woman and man.

After that, Imlie goes from there in her room and notices that Nirmala and Malti decorates her room for suhaag raat after which she asks Nirmala to not do any such thing.

Malti taunts her for always arguing and blames Imlie for ruining her marriage after which Imlie gives her a befitting reply and goes from there.

Meanwhile, Surya is busy with his work while Imlie calls him but he does not picks it after which Hemlata asks her what happened.

Hemlata advices Imlie that due to all these rituals only husband and wife get close after which Nirmala and Malti also join her.

Then, they go from there after which Imlie packs her luggage and decides to go from there without telling anyone about it.

She secretly comes out of the house while Surya sits along with his uncle and his uncle indirectly tries to explain the suhaag raat ritual and hesitates at the same time.

Meanwhile, Surya does not understand what is his uncle saying while his uncle advises him to keep Imlie in his control.

After that, he goes into his room and gets angry over Nirmala after which she tells everyone that Imlie has gone from there.

Then, Surya goes to bring her back and calls her but she decides that she won’t return.

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