Kundali Bhagya 11th March 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 11th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Rakhi saying Rajveer should stay away from Preeta otherwise, he has to suffer due to Preeta's bad luck too.

Meanwhile, Karan tries to tell that Rakhi is misunderstanding the situation but Rakhi asks him to send back Preeta.

However, Karan tries to convince her saying they need a physiotherapist for Dadi anyway so why not Preeta, who is best, and asks Dadi's opinion and she agrees.

After that, Rakhi takes Dadi with her saying Dadi should understand her concern while Karan thinks if he tells them that Rajveer is his son then they'll forget their bitterness for Preeta but feels it's not the right time.

There, Rajveer asks Preeta to go back home with him as Luthra's family isn't good, to which Preeta refuses and asks for the reason, while Rajveer says that the full family treats their servants badly.

However, Preeta says that they are elders and Rajveer shouldn't be upset if they say something to him and says that she understands Rajveer doesn't want to give her earning responsibility for the house but she is just doing it for her passion.

Meanwhile, Rajveer stays adamant on his point and asks Preeta to appoint someone else at her place while she says she can't and Dadi needs treatment so she'll be back after curing her.

After that, Rajveer says that if Preeta won't live in their house he'll leave it and go from there being upset, while Preeta thinks to pacify Rajveer later.

On the way, Rajveer and Nidhi bump into each other, and Rajveer thinks Karan is a bigamist while Nidhi feels threat by Rajveer and Preeta living there.

There, Shanaya and Daljeet talk with Dadi about Preeta but Karan interrupts them and secretly tells Girish about Preeta losing her memory and asks him to not make Preeta remember anything from the past as it's dangerous for her health.

Just then, Shaurya comes there and offers to drop Shanaya and Daljeet home to meet Palki.

There, Rakhi is angry with Preeta's presence while Mahesh tries to pacify her saying she should think of Preeta as a physiotherapist only, to which Rakhi says he is talking like Karan but she can't forget that Preeta is unlucky for them.

She says she can't take the risk of losing her son Karan again but if they want she'll tolerate Preeta until she cures Dadi, after which she won't tolerate Preeta and torture her so she leaves them herself.

There, Dadi praises Preeta to Kareena while she asks Dadi to not be impressed by Preeta and to consider her as only her physiotherapist as Preeta is unlucky for them.

Just then, Karan comes there, and Kareena leaves, which makes Karan understand she was saying bad about Preeta and decides to take a stand for her.

On the other hand, Shaurya goes inside Palki's house under the pretext of having tea to meet her.

Meanwhile, Rajveer prays to god to not let Preeta hurt again and save her from Karan. 

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