Kundali Bhagya 8th March 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 8th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Rajveer entering the office of his fellow businessmen as they conspire against Luthra as they plan on how to defeat Karan Luthra while one of them gives him a document to sign.

Rajveer signs it and comes out as he thinks to himself that now the time has come for Luthra's downfall and now his life will be full of failures.

On the other hand, Rakhi asks Preeta to leave while Karan says that she has come here for Dadi's treatment as a physiotherapist which leaves Rakhi in shock.

Preeta asks Rakhi if she is upset with her because she didn't want her there but before she can answer, Karan takes Preeta aside as he tells her that no one was expecting her there that's why they are in shock.

In the meantime, she sees Shiv Mahima happening which makes her happy and thus Karan also gets happy.

She says that she can understand Rakhi's reaction as people don't want their doctors to be a part of their family and asks Karan to explain things to his family while she sees Shiva's story.

Karan takes the family inside to tell them everything.

On the other hand, Rajveer returns home and finds out Preeta is not at home but is at Luthra's while he thinks to himself that Preeta doesn't remember anything and she has to live with Karan's other wife being unaware of everything.

Meanwhile, Rajveer gets a call from Mr. Pandey as he calls him to his office to plan the next step they will take against Karan while Rajveer refuses as he is busy.

Mr. Pandey thinks to himself how can Rajveer refuse his offer as his utmost priority should be the downfall of Karan Luthra.

Back at Karan's house, he tells everyone that Preeta has lost her memory.

Kavya tells the family that they shouldn't tell this to Shaurya as he might seem very rough and tough but he will not be able to take this shock.

Concurrently, Preeta enjoys the Shiv Mahima as Karan goes and sits beside her.

He looks at her as he asks her why are her eyes teary while she tells him that she has seen a marriage after a long time and adds that earlier she used to feel weird when she saw any marriage happening.

Karan tells Preeta in his heart that she is going through a big trauma and says to her that he is happy to see her well.

She says that today feels good while Karan says that it's happening as she is among her people while she says thank you for bringing her here.

Karan says that he is thankful that she came as Preeta adds that she is happy to be here because everything feels very homely here.

Karan gets lost in the thoughts of him marrying Preeta and being unaware of what he is doing, he brings his hand near her hair partition like he is going to apply vermillion when she brings him back to reality by asking what happened.

Karan thinks to himself that one day he is going to marry her again as he takes her to meet Dadi and Shiv mahima gets finished.

Meanwhile, Preeta treats Dadi.

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