Pandya Store 11th March 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 11th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 11th March 2024 episode starts with Dhawal asking Natasha why is she making so much effort for his family now also if she does not want to stay along with the Makhwana family.

Natasha tells him that she is doing all these things for humanity after that she asks him about the next step whereas Amresh calls Seth Ji for help.

He asks him to give a fifty thousand loan as he wants to start a business but Seth Ji says that he will buy things from him as Amresh's reputation has been ruined in the market.

After that, Amresh assures him that he will sell all the things with a good strategy after which Seth ji gets ready to offer him that amount.

Meanwhile, Natasha asks Dhawal where will Amresh set up his new business but Dhawal does not know about anything after which Natasha suggests he do it in the leftover space of the Pandya store.

Then, Dhawal hugs her and asks her why is she so caring whereas Amresh gives money to Hetal to manage household activities.

Hetal assures him that she will always support him in every condition no matter what which motivates Amresh whereas Natasha takes an auto to Makhwana's house after which Dhawal also follows her.

Meanwhile, Cheeku tells Isha that he is not feeling good in Makhwana's house without his family after which Isha hugs him and says that everything will be fine soon.

On the other hand, Natasha reaches there while Dhawal also comes there and holds her from behind which terrifies her after which Dhawal asks her what is she going to do.

She tells him that she will become a ghost to terrify Cheeku so that he can leave the house after that Dhawal gives duplicate keys to Makhwana's house to Natasha.

Natasha is surprised after which Dhawal flirts with her saying that she will become a cute ghost which brings a smile to Natasha's face.

Meanwhile, Chirag complains to Bhavin for deceiving Amresh after which Bhavin accepts his mistake and feels guilty for it.

Amresh calls people and asks them to buy brick-and-mortar from him but they refuse and say that he does not have a good image in the market so it will be a loss for them if they buy things from them.

Hetal comes there after which he asks her to not spend money much as people are refusing to buy things from him after that Hetal says that all the family is standing along with him.

Bhavin wonders why Amresh is not coming inside the house after that Pranali tells him that there are ladies in the house so how can he come inside?

Amresh asks Hetal to just look after the house and he will manage all the things on his own whereas Natasha and Dhawal enter the house secretly while Cheeku comes out of his room which terrifies Natasha.

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