Pandya Store 12th March 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 12th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 12th March 2024 episode starts with  Natasha doing Dhawal's makeup by applying black and white paint on his face.

Dhawal takes interest while Natasha does his makeup and he says that he likes whenever Natasha is beside him but she ignores when Dhawal says this.

Later, after his makeup gets completed, Dhawal does Natasha's makeup too and they both take the getup of ghosts to terrify Cheeku.

Meanwhile, Isha has been sleeping but Cheeku is still thinking about the things going on in the house whereas Bhavin curses himself for everything that has happened so far.

After that, Golu comes and asks Pranali to make him fall asleep then Pranali asks him to sleep in her lap while making Golu fall asleep he asks Pranali if he has to also do the work for managing the expense of the house.

He asks her to give him a plate as many children stand near the school's signal with a plate in their hand

Pranali scolds Golu when he says such things while Bhavin feels guilty when Golu says such things and she asks him to never think of such things again in his life.

On the other hand, Cheeku comes into the kitchen and opens the rice vessel to check the property paper while Natasha and Dhawal hide behind the sofa and make weird sounds to terrify Cheeku.

Cheeku comes out and notices that the lamp is moving on his own which terrifies him and he comes out from there and tells about this thing to Isha.

He asks Isha to wake up and he brings her out to show her the moving lamp whereas Natasha asks Dhawal to go behind Cheeku and she goes to terrify Shesh.

Natasha goes into Shesh’s room and slaps his face when he does not wake up and whispers in his ears after which Shesh wakes up quickly and looks here and there.

After that, he again goes to sleep then Natasha turns on the lights again and again which disturbs Shesh’s sleep he wakes up to check but Natasha switches off the light.

Meanwhile, Bhavin becomes emotional and he goes inside the washroom locks himself inside, and recalls the things that Golu was saying to Pranali.

He murmurs that he is responsible for the worst situation of his family members today and he starts crying after which he decides to end his life.

Bhavin notices a phenyl bottle hanging on the wall after which he decides to drink it but he hesitates to do it.

On the other hand, Shesh again goes to sleep then Natasha slaps him tightly after which he wakes up by getting terrified and searches for Cheeku in the house.

Meanwhile, Dhawal comes near Natasha and she tells him that she saw Cheeku going in the kitchen after which she asks Dhawal to come along with her in the kitchen to find the papers.

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