Pandya Store 9th March 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 9th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 9th March 2024 episode starts with Dhawal giving his first earnings to Amresh which brings a huge smile to Amresh's face.

He holds Dhawal's hand after which he hugs Dhawal tightly in front of the whole Makhwana family which makes everyone happy while Amresh says that when his Dhawal became so mature wasn't known.

Dhawal tells Amresh that he is there to look after his family and he asks Amresh to not worry as he promises that he will bring back their Makhwana mension.

After that, he asks his family members to come along with him where he is living until the situation gets sorted while Natasha recalls that she will reunite Dhawal and Amresh.

Meanwhile, Dhawal notices that Natasha is standing there only after which he turns around and asks Natasha to come along with him.

She says that her role in their family was limited to this point only after Amresh taunt her that she took a huge amount to reunite Dhawal again with them.

Dhawal insists on her to come along with him but Natasha refuses and asks him to look after his family then Amresh and Amba sit inside the car while the Makhwana ladies hug Natasha.

On the other hand, Cheeku asks Suman to live along with him in this house but she refuses and says that she will never live in this house because her self-respect is above everything.

She goes from there along with Mithu after which Cheeku closes the door and starts crying and Isha tries to console him whereas Dhawal feels bad when Natasha refuses to come along with him.

Dhawal goes to his place along with his family while Natasha notices them from behind with so much pain in her eyes.

Dolly after reaching the place where Dhawal reaches asks how such a huge family can adjust in one room especially Dhawal.

She asks Dhawal where is his bungalow after which Chirag asks her to be quiet for some time then by mistake she takes steps on the stool of the animal after which she starts shouting.

Hetal asks her to adjust for some time while Chirag also tries to make her understand to compromise for some time.

Dhawal goes inside the house and cleans everything so that his family has not to suffer while Amba murmurs that Dhawal would require her help.

Just then, Dhawal comes out with a nameplate of Amresh Makhwana and asks him to apply it on the wall outside.

Amresh feels proud of him while Dhawal says that from now it is their Makhwana house where they will be living together.

Then, Amresh hugs him and complains to him for leaving and he says that if he was present with him in his tough time then they would have never lost their house.

Dhawal assures him that he will improve everything after which they enter the house and Amba becomes shocked to see a 1BHK flat and murmurs about how her whole family will live there.

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