Parineeti 15th April 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 15th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Neeti expressing her anger about the antiques that are kept in Shally’s house.

Meanwhile, Shraddha passes from there and notices it after which she becomes anxious and decides to tell Shally about it.

She calls Shally and tells him that so many antiques are kept in their house and Neeti threw away one of them which is not a good thing.

Shally assures her that he will talk about it to Neeti and she will change her habit whereas Neeti still tries to roam around Rajeev.

Neeti murmurs that she will ask Rajeev if he has feelings for her or not after which she goes near to him while Rajeev is not in his senses and he asks her why the flower is purple colour.

Meanwhile, Neeti tells him that she likes him a lot and asks him if he loves her or not after which Rajeev tells her that he loves her which makes Neeti feel special.

After that, Neeti asks him why didn’t he tell her earlier about it so Rajeev holds Pari’s hand and tells in front of everyone that he likes Neeti just because of Pari.

Rajeev says that she is connected to Pari that’s why he likes her which breaks Neeti’s heart after which Shally comes there and gets angry.

Afterward, Rajeev asks Shally to go on a date with Neeti and enjoy and he also suggests Shally go on a pre-honeymoon along with Neeti.

Neeti widens her eyes and stares at Rajeev whereas Pari takes him into the room and asks him to drink Kada but he asks her to make him drink it by her hands.

Pari notices that the wind is blowing at high speed after which she is about to go and close the window but Rajeev stops her and tries to be romantic to her and says that the wind of their love is blowing.

Then, he holds Pari’s hand and asks her to never leave him after which Pari assures him that she won’t leave him till her last breath.

Rajeev becomes happy and enjoys dancing along with Pari whereas Shally comes and hugs Neeti from behind after which she asks him to leave her and says that she does not like such things.

Shally asks her to dance along with him but she refuses after which he asks her what she is hiding and asks why she always pushes him away whenever he tries to come close to her.

He asks Neeti if she wants to break the wedding after which she becomes shocked but Shally scolds her for diverting her attention.

Shally indirectly tells her that he is noticing everything that Neeti is doing so he asks her to leave the baggage of the past and focus on starting a new life with him.

Meanwhile, Pari asks Rajeev to drink kadha and come along with her downstair for baishaki whereas Shally asks Neeti to decide what she wants in her life while Neeti murmurs that Shally is going out of her hands.

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